Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Pastoral Studies

Integration Project

Students in most IPS degree programs are required to complete an Integration Project during their final or penultimate semester of coursework.  The Integration Project is ordinarily a written work of 35-50 pages in length that demonstrates integration of the students' IPS coursework with a question relevant to the student's ministerial context. The project also demonstrates the student’s ability to research major issues of life and faith, and the student’s skill in linking contemporary needs with tradition.

The zero-credit Integration Project (IPS 593) is required for students in the following degree programs and concentrations:

  • MA in Counseling for Ministry
  • MA in Pastoral Studies (all concentrations except Health Care Chaplaincy which requires IPS 493)
  • MA in Social Justice
  • MA in Christian Spirituality
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Students complete the integration project based on guidelines for MA students or for M_Div. Prior to registering for IPS 593, students must complete an Integration Project Proposal and a CE Integration Project Registration Form

Students in the MA in Pastoral Counseling complete their Integration Project as part of their twosemester Internship taken during their final year of studies.