Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Pastoral Studies

MA in Counseling for Ministry - Selective Courses

Subject to advisor recommendations*

IPS 403 Spiritual Paths In World Religions*

Course Description - This course explores the spirituality, theology, and practice of the major religious traditions. You will encounter other faith traditions by entering into their sacred prayer and worship experiences and learning from practitioners of that tradition how they encounter the sacred in their own lives.

Outcomes: Recognize the vast complexity of every religious tradition, resisting the urge to oversimplify. Engage those who practice other traditions in conversation. Experience the spiritual practice of other religious traditions.

IPS 404 Theologies of Suffering*

Course Description - This course focuses on theologies of suffering with written interaction and assignments, personal reflection on the theologies of suffering and substantive feedback. The readings include 1) Scriptural treatment of suffering (Psalms, Job, Lamentations); 2) Theologians on suffering (Moltmann, Schillebeeckx, Gutierrez, Hall); 3) From various perspectives (womanist, liberation theologians, pastoral care).

Outcomes: Integrate unit reading and resources with contemporary experience, highlighting the key concepts and points made by the authors.

IPS 428 Introduction to Spirituality Praxis*

Course Description - This course is designed for those considering the ministry of spiritual accompaniment. It is structured to give students opportunity to clarify their own frames of reference, to develop communication skills, to better name and articulate their own spirituality as they discern a fit for this ministry.

Outcomes: Growing ability to articulate the spirituality grounding ones life, enhancement of communication skills, engagement in a discerning process regarding ministry of spiritual guidance.

IPS 472 Pastoral Counseling in an Intercultural Context*

Course Description - This course invites students into a reflective, interactive, experiential process of exploring the place of culture, values, beliefs, and biases in the counseling context. Students examine their own cultural experiences, with special attention to power dynamics, even as they study the complex dynamics of other cultures.

Outcomes: Deepen awareness of one's own cultural dynamics; develop an increased understanding of other cultures; consider strategies and interventions for sensitively meeting the needs of those encountered in pastoral counseling.

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IPS 474 Addictions and Modes of Therapy*

Course Description - Addictions are among the most pervasive and potentially destructive entrapments of the human condition. Their presence in manifold forms, underscores the importance of understanding the roots and sources of its patterns, in order to ultimately shape treatment and therapeutic strategies from a holistic and integrative point of view.

Outcomes: Gain understanding of general addictive patterns/processes as they are discernible across addictions. Grapple with the roots, causes, and extent of addictions, from various viewpoints. Understand various treatment approaches.