Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Pastoral Studies

Youth Ministry Concentration

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS) degree program offers a concentration in Youth Ministry. This concentration provides the language, tools, frameworks, and pastoral and intellectual formation that empowers those engaging the world of youth ministry to live their dreams of teaching God’s Word, of forming, informing, and transforming young people for an ever more actualized life in Christ.

Advanced Standing in the MA in Pastoral Studies Program Youth Ministry Specialization

Developed specifically for students in the Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies Program sponsored by the Center for Ministry Development.

Loyola's MAPS offers you an opportunity to build on your CMD certificate with a degree that will help you broaden and deepen your foundation in religious thought and ministry. For students who completed the CMD program, Loyola's Institute of Pastoral Studies will award 9 credits toward your degree in Pastoral Studies, with specialization in youth ministry. Taking advantage of advanced standing, you'll exercise your CMD certificate as you learn with a lively and collaborative community of peers. The degree can be completed entirely online, on campus, or as an online/on-campus hybrid. Other benefits of the program include: specialization in Youth Ministry, 9 hour of credit for students with a CMD Certificate (27 credits remaining to earn the MA in Pastoral Studies), courses offered in Chicago, in Rome, or online.

Curriculum Planning Worksheet for MAPS_Youth_Ministry_Concentration