Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Pastoral Studies

Aging and Spirituality in This Crisis


Join us via Zoom for a series of three workshops:

Wednesdays @ Noon (central)
June 24, July 8, and July 15

There is no charge to participate!

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Transitions from one stage of life to another are opportunities for reflections and discernment. What is the vocational call of aging? Who am I, really? Who am I with? Who am I becoming? What is my deepest purpose and mission? The present crises render the need for careful attention to these kinds of questions more acute. Join the Institute of Pastoral Studies and the Ignatian Legacy Fellows program for a free online series of workshops where you’ll explore these questions and develop tools for the journey.

Who am I now?

Look back to move forward the challenges of identity, interiority, and rewiring. Begin the re-wiring: it’s about ME and the Power of Reflection!

Who am I with?

Consider the challenges of community, profession, and encore work. Accept an invitation of accompaniment, lifelong learning, and re-balancing: it’s about WE and the ability to adapt!

What is my purpose, my mission?

Are you becoming a wisdom leader? Are you living inter-generationally? Nurture a local and global inter-generational community: it’s about decision making and choices!

For questions about this series, please email Mariann Salisbury (msalisbury1@luc.edu) or John Fontana (jfontana@luc.edu).

Learn more about the Ignatian Legacy Fellows Program: www.luc.ed/ilf
Learn more about the Institute of Pastoral Studies: www.luc.edu/ips

We offer these workshops with no expectation of payment from participants. If you would like to support these efforts and if you believe these workshops have contributed to your spiritual development then we invite you to offer a donation to the Institute of Pastoral Studies in an amount reflecting the value you place on this programming. Your donation will support our programs in pastoral ministry, spirituality and spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, and more.