Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Pastoral Studies

IPS Summer Sessions 2022


Intergenerational Catechesis: Using African American Storytelling with timone a davis, DMin (IPS 599-004)

Course Description: ONLINE COURSE meets Tuesdays 6p -8p CST via ZOOM
June 7 - July 26, 2002

-How does narrative and storytelling influence faith formation?
-How can Ubuntu transform our understanding of imago dei?
-Explore existing and develop new narrative-based structures for religious education/catechetical programs

This course offers a pastoral, catechetical response to -isms in the world and in the Church without “othering” one another. Using African-American storytelling, the course will show how story is the foundation of communication and how it can open catechetical endeavors by focusing on experiences, traditions, and culture. This course responds to 21st century catechetical needs by helping each person, particularly marginalized persons, find and use his or her voice for enhancing connections with others and participate in the building up of God’s kin-dom.

Catholic Justice and Action, Chicago Style with Daniel P. Rhodes, ThD. (IPS 599-002)

Course Description: ONLINE COURSE with a four-day residency in Chicago
June 8 to July 28; Residency dates July 25-28

-How does work for justice take shape?
-What concrete impact does this work have on the structures of our communities?

Join us to explore the unique history of Catholic movements for justice and action in Chicago as a complex and powerful case study. This course will engage the rich and unique history of Catholic justice and action in Chicago. Following preparatory coursework, participants will travel to Chicago to visit important historical sites and meet with leaders and organizations pursuing justice now. Students will learn about and see first-hand how justice actions have altered the neighborhood structures of the city. In doing so, the course invites students to research and engage their own locality and to contribute what they discover to the course learning. Students will gain historical and contextual knowledge of Catholicism in the Chicagoland area in relation to social justice work; nurture and practice critical social and theological analysis in a concrete, live context; and deepen and expand their understanding of how faith-informed, theologically grounded vocational work for justice can take shape in their lives and communities.

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