Loyola University Chicago

Institutional Review Board

Special Guidance

While all research projects are different, the IRB has developed a number of guidance documents for Investigators relating to issues the IRB frequently encounters. Please review the Special Guidance documents listed below to see if any apply to your individual project.

Please review the IRB's guidance on Certificates of Confidentiality that can be granted to Investigators to provide protection from being compelled to disclose identifying information about participants in legal proceedings.

Please see the IRB's policy for Online Surveys.

If you would like the Office of Institutional Research or Informational Technology Services to provide you with a list of student, faculty, and/or staff email addresses, please see the IRB's Policy for Recruiting LUC Research Participants by Email.

Please visit Chicago Public Schools Research Review Board's website for their guidelines for researchers wishing to conduct research at CPS.

Please see the IRB's guidance for Outside Investigators.