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Outside Investigators

Loyola faculty, staff, students, and other individuals affiliated with Loyola' s Lakeside campuses must submit research proposals involving human subjects to the Lakeside IRB for review and approval prior to beginning any research with human subjects. This is the case even when the proposed research will take place at the Loyola University Medical Center (LUMC). The medical center is not part of the Lakeside Campuses and therefore has its own IRB. Thus, research conducted at LUMC must be submitted to both the LUMC and Lakeside IRB's.

Research conducted by an investigator affiliated with Loyola at an off-campus site(s) or in collaboration with an investigator at another institution must still be submitted to the Lakeside IRB. In addition, if the institution where the work will be carried out has an IRB, the research must also be reviewed and approved by that IRB. For example, if a Loyola Lakeside faculty member is conducting a research project at a local hospital, the IRB at the hospital must also approve the project. If research is being conducted at an institution or agency that has no IRB, the investigator is responsible for securing appropriate administrative approval to conduct the research at the site and providing the Lakeside IRB with evidence of this approval.

Investigators Not Affiliated with Loyola University Chicago:

Investigators who are not affiliated with Loyola but who wish to recruit Loyola students, staff, or faculty for participation in social, behavioral or educational research projects must do the following:

  1. Obtain written approval from the immediate head or supervisor of the unit that will be involved in the research (e.g., if athletes will be involved, the athletic director should approve; if a particular academic department/school will be involved, the Department Chair/Dean should approve).
  2. Complete the “Request to Recruit Research Participants” form, provide documentation that the research has been approved by the IRB at the researcher’s home institution, and provide all IRB application materials from that approval process to the Office of Research Services, c/o the Assistant Director for Research Compliance.

The Assistant Director for Research Compliance will forward your request to the University Provost who must grant final approval.  A letter will be sent to the investigator once permission has been granted.  This procedure constitutes an administrative review, not an IRB review.   Responsibility for IRB review lies with the researcher’s home institution, however, the Provost reserves the right to refer projects to Loyola’s IRB for review whenever necessary.

Request to Recruit Research Participants

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