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Institutional Review Board

Mass Email Recruitment

Policy for the Use of Mass Emails to Recruit LUC Participants for Online Surveys

Researchers who wish to use email to recruit either Loyola students or faculty as participants for an online research survey must follow the steps outlined below.   Researchers should follow the following procedure in seeking approval to recruit Loyola participants for online research surveys:

  1. Submit protocol application to the IRB.
  2. Revise protocol application and receive final approval from the IRB.
  3. After receiving final approval from the IRB, the IRB will forward the investigator’s request to recruit participants from the Loyola Community to the Associate Provost for Research for review.
  4. After having received approval from the Associate Provost, the investigator will meet with Jack Corliss in ITS and provide him with documentation of final IRB approval and approval from the Associate Provost to obtain ITS assistance to set up the online survey.

Undergraduate Email Addresses
For recruitment purposes, the email addresses of Loyola University undergraduate students can be obtained from the Office of Student Life. Contact Jack McLean, Assistant Vice President, for assistance.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Ellis, Asst. Dir. of Research Compliance.

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