Loyola IRJ faculty goal setting.


The Institute for Racial Justice at Loyola University Chicago is a hub for the University and strategic partners to accelerate racial justice through change-making research, transformative education, and relational community engagement. Rooted in Jesuit values of social justice and action, the Institute identifies and addresses the greatest needs through a comprehensive approach, welcoming everyone to collaborate in developing new strategies for advancing racial justice for Asian, Black, Indigenous, Hispanic and Latinx people, which benefits all.


The Institute for Racial Justice will become a trusted partner in collaborative efforts to dismantle racist systems and build inclusive ecosystems founded on hope and equal dignity for everyone.


  1. Humanity: We value and respect the full humanity of all people and view the pursuit of racial justice as serving the common good.
  2. Accessibility. We believe education is a human right and will communicate in ways that are accessible to the broadest range of people possible.
  3. Accountability. We value deep and sustained relationships and thus take responsibility for our words and actions and expect the same from those with whom we partner.
  4. Reflection. We believe in continuously learning, unlearning, and improving—individually and collectively—as a requirement for breaking down systems and mindsets that maintain racial injustice.
  5. Transformative action. We believe society is transformed when everyone actively participates in creating the conditions for substantive change. 

If you have questions or want to get involved with IRJ please contact us at racialjustice@luc.edu.