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E-3 Australian


The E-3 visa category applies only to Australian nationals. This category is similar to the H-1B, as it is a specialty occupation visa. The work the E-3 will engage in must require a bachelor’s degree or higher to meet the high level of expertise necessary for the position. This visa is fit for all types of university faculty and staff positions.  E-3 visas should be requested for a minimum of two years.


If your department would like to apply for an E-3 for an Australian national:

  • Outside the United States.
  • In the US in a different visa category.
  • Who already holds this visa category at Loyola  and would like to extend the end date (and possibly change his/her job specifications), you will apply for an E-3 Extension.
  • Who already holds this visa category at Loyola and would like to change the job specifications of their current E-3, you would apply for an Amended E-3.
  • Who holds this visa category at another institution and will be transferring to Loyola, you will apply for a Change of Employer E-3.
  • Who holds this visa category at another institution and will collaborate with Loyola for a salary or stipend, you will apply for a Concurrent E-3.

Processing Time: Petitions can only be started 6 months prior to the foreign national’s employment start date.

  • OIP: Complete applications require 2 weeks processing time.

Processing Flow:

  1. Department submits request to OIP (E-3 request Forms for Department)
  2. E-3 employee fills out the (E-3 Request Forms for Worker).
  3. OIP prepares the PW and LCA
  4. OIP emails the LCA to the department
  5. Department posts LCA for 10 days
  6. Department returns LCA to OIP
  7. OIP prepares E-3 packet and sends to USCIS for individuals already in the U.S.
  8. OIP prepares packet for the Australian National who is currently outside the United States to take to US Embassy


  • If the Australian national is currently outside the U.S., he/she is not required to complete any additional paperwork for his/her dependents (spouse and children).
  • If the Australian national and his/her dependents are currently in the U.S. in another visa category, the Australian national will have to file the I-539 form to change his/her dependents status. This I-539 should be included in this initial E-3 filing.