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Global Engagement

International Student and Scholar Services offers a range of Global Engagement Programs designed for international and domestic students to interact and engage on campus and beyond. Get to know our various offerings!






Check out testimonials about our program from some student participants and leaders!

"There is something new to do every day, and wherever I went, I always felt so welcome." - Alvaro, Spain 

“If I could describe my experience at Coffee & Conversation in three words, I would say entertaining, educational, and hilarious! C&C was the highlight of my Mondays this semester, and I was able to meet so many new people while learning more about what the world has to offer to us. I really encourage those who are down for a cup of coffee or tea and are looking to have a good time to come to C&C.” -Francesca, Guatemala/Italy

"Participating in Coffee and Conversation has allowed me to learn from people from other backgrounds." -Rogelio, U.S.A. 

 "I got to discover a new way of life, explore new places and meet great people." - Lisa, France

"Exploring Chicago neighborhoods is always a great adventure to explore the city we now live in. From discussing current events to having lunch in a coffee shop in a rainy day, these programs have made my semester brighter." - Giulia, Brazil