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Engage: Chai and Chat



The Office for International Programs, in collaboration with Achieving College Excellence (ACE) team, hosts Chai and Chat once a week. Chai and Chat offers an opportunity for domestic and international students to meet and get to know each other on a regular basis. Students may talk about any topic that comes to mind, but there will also be a unique conversation starter planned for each week. Chai and Chat serves as a safe space where participating students are encouraged to explore different perspectives through discussions. We provide tea, however, we suggest that you bring your own cups or mugs to help reduce waste.


Chai and Chat Student Leaders

Francesca Marchese Gonzalez, Guatemala/Italy
[ Chai and Chat Facilitator ]

“If I could describe my experience at Coffee & Conversation in three words, I would say entertaining, educational, and hilarious! C&C was the highlight of my Mondays this semester, and I was able to meet so many new people while learning more about what the world has to offer to us. I really encourage those who are down for a cup of coffee or tea and are looking to have a good time to come to C&C.” 

Julia Carofilis Villegas, Ecuador
[ Chai and Chat Facilitator ]

"I decided to join Global Engagement because I really like to meet people from different cultures and countries." 

Chai and Chat, 02.13.2019 (Mundeline Greenhouse)