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Student Facilitators

[Exploring Chicago Neighborhoods]

 Giulia Borba, Brazil

"Exploring Chicago neighborhoods is always a great adventure to explore the city we now live in. From discussing current events to having lunch in a coffee shop on a rainy day, these programs have made my semester brighter." 

Rogelio De La Vega-Verde, U.S.A

"Participating in Coffee and Conversation has allowed me to learn from people from other backgrounds."


[Chai & Chat] 

Francesca Marchese Gonzalez, Guatemala/Italy

“If I could describe my experience at Coffee & Conversation in three words, I would say entertaining, educational, and hilarious! C&C was the highlight of my Mondays this semester, and I was able to meet so many new people while learning more about what the world has to offer to us. I really encourage those who are down for a cup of coffee or tea and are looking to have a good time to come to C&C.” 

Julia Carofilis Villegas, Ecuador

"I decided to join Global Engagement because I really like to meet people from different cultures and countries."