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Transform: Global Mentorship Program



The Global Mentorship Program (GMP) is designed to encourage both domestic and international students to expand their worldviews, improve their intercultural communication skills, increase their English competency, and make new friends. 

To achieve these goals, students are placed into Global Groups consisting of three to five students, including at least one student facilitator. Participants will meet with their Global Groups around at least five times throughout the semester, as determined by the group. Each Global Group will pick the activity for their own meetings, which might include attending other Global Engagement Events, grabbing a coffee, or eating at a restaurant. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to join in on several GMP large group events, which bring together all Global Groups and will be planned by the GMP coordinator. Events might include a potluck, attending a sporting event, or a movie night.

The Global Mentorship Program is currently going through some restructuring. It will be back soon.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Global Engagement Team at iss@luc.edu.  


GMP Student Leaders

Yoselin Toledo, U.S.A
[ GMP Executive Board ]

"Coming from a diverse background I think learning about different cultures and different parts of the world is so cool but I didn’t know how to do that on campus. I met one of the old facilitators for GMP and she told me I should join one of her groups. With GMP I loved learning about different cultures and meeting new people from all over the world here on campus, so I decided I would continue with it and hopefully be able to help others learn more as well."


Sandy Lu, U.S.A
[ GMP Executive Board ]

"After studying abroad in Vietnam, I wanted to be able to continue meeting and forming meaningful relationships with people from different cultures and backgrounds. When I first heard of the Global Mentorship Program, I instantly knew that I wanted to participate, which provided me the opportunity to take on a leadership role this semester to help facilitate global engagement for others."

Ines Gonzalez Di Martino
[ GMP Executive Board ]

 "I’m part of GMP because I enjoyed getting to know people and their different cultures and explore the city with them!"



Claire Jaeger
[ GMP Executive Board ]

"GMP is a fun way to become friends with people from different parts of the world."