Loyola University Chicago

International Student and Scholar Services




You are able to enroll in nearly any undergraduate-level course in academic departments throughout Loyola University Chicago as long as you meet the prerequisite requirements for each course.  There are a few general exceptions:

  • Certain courses are restricted to special populations at the University, such as honors students and athletes
  • Nursing and Engineering Science are academic departments whose courses students must apply for admission to, and therefore enrollment is typically restricted

Each academic department publishes a catalog for the courses that they host.  In general, undergraduate-level courses at Loyola University Chicago are worth three (3) U.S. credits.  For more information on the University’s colleges and schools, academic departments, and available courses/prerequisite requirements, please access the following links:

If you are unable to find a course description/sample syllabi, please reach out to the Office of International Programs and we will assist you in obtaining this information.

Please note that in order to maintaing your J-1 visa status, you will be required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credits (and no more than 18 credits) per semester.  It is typically recommended that you enroll in 12 to 15 credits during the semester in order to properly adjust to a U.S. university classroom and variations in teaching methods among professors.  Most courses require completion of several assignments and exams, as well as regular attendance and in-class participation.

Academic Advising

During your studies at Loyola University Chicago you will have a dedicated Academic Advisor who can help you choose your courses and build your schedule. Once you have been accepted into the exchange program, an Academic Advisor will reach out to you to discuss course registration and ensure that you build a schedule that meets your academic needs.

It is important that your academic transcript (i.e. record of past enrollment) from your home institution abroad is:

  • Up-to-date with ALL courses you have previously taken
  • Translated into English

Please make sure that you submit ALL documentation for required immunizations directly to the Wellness Center.  If you fail to do so, a hold will be placed on your student account preventing you from registering for courses or requesting an official transcript from the University.  For more information on required immunizations and appropriate documentation, please access the Wellness Center’s immunization webpage.

Academic Calendar

Important dates during each academic term (i.e. when courses begin and end, deadlines to add and drop courses, etc.) are published in the University’s Academic Calendar, available here.