Loyola University Chicago

International Student and Scholar Services

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Cost

As part of the reciprocal exchange program that Loyola University Chicago has with your home institution, you will be required to pay your home institution’s tuition rate.  For any questions about this, please contact the study abroad/exchange program office at your home institution directly.

Expected Additional Fees

Additional expenses (based on the current 2017-2018 academic year) that you will be responsible for per semester include:

Activity/Development Fee: $419

Program Fee: $350

Technology Fee: $125

CTA U-Pass (unlimited train and bus rides during the semester): $135

Student Health Insurance (unless completing waiver application process): $2,950*

Housing (Double Room): $4,375

Meal Plan: $2,540

TOTAL: $10,894

*Estimated cost for health insurance may vary.


Building your Budget

We encourage you to plan a smart budget for your time in Chicago and at Loyola University Chicago. Some things to consider in building your budget (in addition to the fees listed above) include:

  • Any trips of excursions you would like to take (I-House + trips and excursions, weekends around the Chicago area, etc.)
  • School Supplies (textbooks, notebooks, writing utensils, laptop computer, etc.)
  • Additional spending money (meals taken outside of your meal plan, entertainment, souvenirs, etc.)

When preparing for your stay in Chicago it is important that you carefully plan out your budget and consider your banking options.  PNC Bank and Chase Bank are reliable, local options for students wishing to open a U.S. bank account.  International Student and Scholar Services can write a letter of support for opening a U.S. bank account if you need one.  You can also consider using an international debit card through your bank in your home country.  We recommend making the appropriate health insurance, budget, and banking accommodations as early as possible prior to your arrival in the U.S.