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Announcements Allows for the delivery of messages to the entire course site or specific groups. The announcement messages are displayed within the Announcement area of each users My Workspace. Announcements can be shown immediately or delivered at a specific time. 
Assignments Allows instructors to create, distribute, collect and grade online assignments.
Hoonuit An online, on demand training site that includes technology as well as soft-skill tutorial training videos.
Blog Creates multi-user blogs for all site users to view and comment.
Calendar A simple calendar system that provides the ability to track events and upcoming activities.
Drop Box Creates a folder for students to upload files that can be shared with the instructor.
Email Allows users to send email messages to site participants by role, section, or group.
Email Archive Allows site managers to have an alias email address that serves as a listserv for the site. Emails sent to this address will be sent to all site participants. All email messages are stored for later review by all site members.
Forums Provides instructors the ability to create an unlimited number of discussions forums. All site members can read, comment and reply to the discussion.
Gradebook Calculates and stores grade information that is distributed to students online.
Home An individual private space within the system. Each users' Home displays information from their specific courses.
Lessons Allows instructors to organize resources, activities and multimedia content on a single page. An unlimited number of lesson pages and subpages can be added to a course site.
Loyola Media A cloud based web service that provides the conversion and distribution of various audio and video media formats.
Messages A convenient way to send and receive private messages to other course site members.
News Uses RSS to update content from a remote news site.
Panopto Lecture capture platform that provides the ability to combine audio, video, PowerPoint and screen capture into a single recording.
Piazza A web based platform that provides instructors with a way to efficiently manage class Q&A.
Polls Allows instructors to post single multiple choice survey within the course site.
PostEm Allows for uploading and distributing of comma-delimited (*.csv) spreadsheets to present individual feedback and grades.
Resources Allows for instructors to share a variety of files with all site members.
Rich Text Editor Tool provided to help control the appearances of the text.
Roster Displays the number of site participants and user's name.
Section Info Provides a way for instructors to efficiently manage sections of a class.
Sign-up Allows students to sign up for office hours, meetings, review sessions and other events.
Site Info Contains the course management features needed for instructors to customize and manage this specific course site.
Statistics Allows authorized users (Instructors and Teaching Assistants) to view site usage statistics and user activity events.
Syllabus Provides a place for the instructor to post their syllabus.
Tests & Quizzes Allows instructors to create online tests and quizzes.
VoiceThread Collaborative web based application that transforms media into collaborative space with voice, video and text comments.
Web Content Allows instructors to create a link to a web site that will re-direct the user to a specific web page within a new window.
Wiki Allows people to collaboratively author web pages in order for all site users to collaborate on documents, share information and create online material within a course site.