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Sakai 11 Gradebook

Last May, the University’s learning management system (LMS) was successfully upgraded to Sakai 11. This latest release offered a new interface, as well as enhanced features and functionality including a new Gradebook tool. To better accommodate the quick turnaround of faculty teaching Summer 2017 courses, the previous tool - Gradebook Classic - was carried forward, providing two options for recording grades. Gradebook Classic is located on the course menu, while the new Gradebook is available by navigating to Site Info, and then Manage Tools. Both tools continue to be available in Fall 2017, Winter 2017-18 and J-Term 2018 courses.

Starting with Spring 2018 courses, the new Gradebook will replace Gradebook Classic on the course menu. Faculty still wanting to use Gradebook Classic for Spring 2018 will have to turn on the tool by navigating to Site Info, then Manage Tools. It is strongly recommended that only one Gradebook tool be available on the course menu.

Please note: Spring 2018 will be the last semester for Gradebook Classic. The Sakai community is no longer supporting this tool. Therefore, we highly encourage all faculty to switch to the new Gradebook with the start of their Spring 2018 courses. Information Technology Services provides several opportunities to learn more about the benefits of the new Gradebook:

Import from Site Users: Please note that if you are importing a course pre-Spring 2018 and it does not include the Gradebook tool  , then your gradebook settings will not be imported into the new course. Please follow the steps listed below to ensure your Gradebook Classic settings get imported directly into the new Gradebook:

    • Scroll to the bottom of the tool list and click Continue.
    • Confirm tool selection and click Finish.
  • Perform the Import from Site from your current, Spring 2018, course site.
    (Import from Site general instructions: How do I copy my content from one site to another?)
    • Navigate to your current, Spring 2018, course site where you would like to copy the Gradebook settings.
      Be careful to select the new course shell that will be the destination for the Gradebook settings you are about to copy. (You do not want to overwrite an existing course with a blank site, as this will delete your content.)
    • Go to Site Info.
    • Select Import from Site.
    • Click the “I would like to replace my data” link.
    • Select the course you want to copy from.

Import from site - previous course selection