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Adobe Connect Host Documentation

Test a Meeting Connection

It is recommended that you always test your computer prior to attending an Adobe Connect meeting to ensure all system requirements are met.

Using Adobe Connect within Sakai

Complete manual on how to create, prepare and host a meeting through Sakai.

Using Adobe Connect within Connect Central

Complete manual on how to create, prepare and host a meeting through Connect Central.

Troubleshooting Tips and Recommendations

Basic troubleshooting tips for issues such as not being able to access a meeting room, audio or web camera not appearing and  any audio problems.

Create a Meeting Room through Connect Central  Video

If you are not utilizing Adobe Connect through Sakai, then you will need to create your meetings through Connect Central.  Explore how to create new meeting rooms and share the link with students and non-Loyola users as desired. 

Attendee List in Connect Central

Meeting hosts can download attendance lists to track student logins to synchronous sessions.  Discover how to locate attendance reports.

Adding Attends through Connect Central

Meeting host can add specific Loyola users to their meeting. Earning on to add users to your non-Sakai meeting room.

Making a Recording Public

Students enrolled within your course will be able to access a recording without the host making the recording public. If you wish to allow anyone who is not enrolled in your course the ability to view a recording, then follow these directions to make the recording public.

Create a Meeting through Sakai (Video)

Adobe Connect is fully integrated with Sakai for teaching synchronous sessions online.  Simply add the Adobe Connect tool to your course site in Sakai, and you’re ready to begin!  Discover how to add the tool and create new meetings through Sakai.

Updating a Meeting Room in Sakai

If you have students join your course after you have created your Adobe Connect meeting room in Sakai, then you will need to update the meeting in order to provide access to these newly enrolled attendees. If the meeting room is not updated, students will receive an “Error: Room Not Found” message upon clicking the Adobe Connect tool.  Learn how to update the meeting space in Sakai.

Testing a Meeting Connection

It is recommended that you always test your computer prior to attending an Adobe Connect meeting to ensure all system requirements are met.  Learn how to test your connection settings before entering a meeting.

Recording a Meeting

There may be times when you would like to record your online session for future use or review.  A recording of your meeting can be captured at any time and saved as a Flash Video (FLV) file on the Adobe Connect server.  Discover how to start and stop a meeting recording.

Connecting a Microphone

Using a headset with built-in microphone is always recommended when hosting online sessions via Adobe Connect.  Be sure to properly connect your headset BEFORE opening and launching the meeting room.  Learning how to complete the Audio Setup Wizard and ensure your microphone is ready for use.

Connecting a Webcam

Although not required, you may wish to share your webcam during an online session.  Be sure to properly connect your webcam BEFORE opening and launching the meeting room.  Learn to check your device and ensure your webcam is ready for use.

Creating and Changing Layout

Layouts provide the ability to use different pods within a given room. Create and change layouts to use a combination of different pods through your meeting. Discover how to create and change pods within a layout.

Ending a Meeting

Once a meeting is complete, the room needs to be closed in order to ensure everyone has left the room. Discover how to end your meeting.

Attendee List Pod

Meeting roles determine user capabilities for sharing, broadcasting, and other room activities.  Attendees can be in the role of a Host (license required), Presenter, or Participant.  Learn to review attendee options and change attendees to various roles.

Giving Participants Microphone and Video Rights

Attendee Status

Any user within an Adobe Connect meeting room can change his or her status to respond to interactions during the session.  Discover how to update your user status or utilize the status options for quick, informal polling activities.

Chat Pod

The Chat Pod can be used to communicate with other attendees while a meeting is in progress.  Learn to update Chat Pod settings.

Polling Pod‌ (Video)

Poll pods can be used to formally assess student learning and understanding of content, before, during or at the conclusion of a meeting. Individual student poll results can be viewed during the polling session or after the session through Connect Central.  Discover how to create and administer a new poll in Adobe Connect.

Sharing Pod‌ (Video)

The Share Pod can be used to share files, whiteboards, or computer screens.  Learn to upload files, share your desktop, or add a whiteboard to your meeting space.

Note: Only hosts and presenters can utilize the Share Pod features.


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