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Adobe Connect Host Documentation Mobile

Please note that we highly discourage hosting an online session through a mobile device. All content to be shared and layout of  the meeting room must be completed through the desktop version before becoming accessible on a mobile device.

Hosting an Adobe Connect Meeting through the Mobile Application

Complete manual that explains how to start, conduct and end an meeting all through the Adobe Connect Mobile Application.


Enter a Meeting

Follow these directions on how to enter an already created Adobe Connect meeting room as a host. It is strongly recomment that a host conducting an entire online session use the desktop version.


Recording a Meeting

There may be times when you would like to record your online session for future use or review.  A recording of your meeting can be captured at any time and saved as a Flash Video (FLV) file on the Adobe Connect server.  Follow these simple directions to start and stop a meeting recording.


Connecting a Microphone or Webcam

Using a headset with built-in microphone is always recommended when hosting online sessions via Adobe Connect.  Be sure to properly connect your headset BEFORE opening and launching the meeting room.  Follow these directions to connect a mircrophone or build-in web camera.


Changing Layouts

Adobe Connect includes three default layouts of Sharing, Discussion, and Collaboration. Follow these directions to change meeting layouts. All customization of layout and pods for a specific meeting session must be completed through the desktop version as this feature is unavailable through the mobile app.


Attendee List Pod

Meeting roles determine user capabilities for sharing, broadcasting, and other room activities.  Attendees can be in the role of a Host (license required), Presenter, or Participant.  Follow these directions to review attendee options and change attendees to various roles.


Ending a Meeting

After a session has ended, follow these directions on how to properly close out a meeting space.

Participating in a Meeting using a Mobile Device

Complete manual that explains how to enter, participate and leave a meeting through the Adobe Connect App.


Participates Abilities

It is important that every student activity take part an meeting session. Have students follow these directions to switch between activity pods, connect a microphone and provide feedback through status changes.