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Macintosh Computer Policy

Macintosh Computer Policy:

The University strategy for information technology is based on a Microsoft Windows environment for personal computers.  This strategy of standardization is intended to provide economies of scale in purchase costs, support for desktops and laptops, and in staffing.

This strategy is consistent with the goal of providing students with experience using the technology they will likely encounter after they leave Loyola. For most disciplines this is Windows.  For disciplines with needs that cannot be met using Windows, the University may provide Macintosh computers and applications in academic areas with the approval of the Provost.

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides comprehensive support for faculty, staff and students using Windows computers provided by the University.  ITS does not however currently provide full support for Macintosh computers.  Although many of the University services may work with Macs, these services are developed, tested and maintained for our Windows environment.  We do not provide or support dual boot OS or Parallels on macs. We provide basic troubleshooting, printing and network connectivity for faculty/staff macs. We are working towards the goal of authentication and mapping drives to network shares.

We are also working towards the goal of creating images, authentication and mapping to network shares for the mac lab machines. 


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