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Academic Technology Services

Bruce Montes – Director, (773)508-7601

    About ATS

Welcome to the Academic Technology Services area.  Our unit is responsible for the planning and implementation of technology support of Loyola’s academic, classroom and lab systems and for the support of the use of technology by students, faculty, and staff.  What does all that mean?  Basically, we support students, faculty, and staff in their use of the technology on campus.

We help students with their academic work through managing computer labs and group study rooms where students can use workstations, print papers, and posters to complete coursework.  We provide equipment such as video cameras, sound recorders, microphones, iPads, and laptops for checkout by students to use to develop media for course work.  We provide students with technology consultation and training in using different hardware and software.  Additionally, we provide support for students with the technology they bring on campus such as laptops, game systems, and smartphones.

We also support faculty in the use of technology both inside and outside the classroom.  Our unit manages the classroom systems and meeting rooms in over 250 spaces on campus.  We provide faculty with support in using these systems in class.  We also provide faculty with training and support in their use of the course management system and other tools such as clickers, statistical software packages, and presentation software and systems.

We support Loyola’s staff with their use of technology through providing training workshops, support for technology problems in many areas, and in managing their computer IDs and network connections.

Our Help Desk is our “one-stop shop” for all students, faculty, and staff.  Call our Help Desk at (773)508-4ITS to get immediate assistance and to get you to the appropriate support area.

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Bruce Montes, Director