Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

Mission & Vision

Who We Are

The Business Intelligence team is a department within the division of Information Technology Services (ITS) at Loyola University Chicago. We are comprised of professional staff who are dedicated to delivering success with all of our clients and their data needs.


Through consultation and partnership within the Loyola community, we aim to promote the growth and development of reporting, dashboards, and analytics (forecasting, trending, and what-if analysis) on Loyola's campuses. In addition to the overall ITS Mission & Vision, the Business Intelligence department is dedicated to providing infrastructure, tools, and services that turn data into actionable decisions for executives, faculty, and staff.  We fulfill this mission through a number of approaches, such as one-on-one consultations, user group meetings, web-based resources and expanded self service options.


Our vision for Loyola's community members is that they are able to turn their business questions and data into information that will help them gain answers and make decisions. With this vision comes a responsibility to be subject matter experts in business intelligence to help support each person's unique and individual needs. 

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