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Equipment Reservation System Updated

March 2018

During the week of spring break, we updated our equipment circulation system, WebCheckout. Please be sure to update your bookmarks if you saved the direct link to the Reservation System. To learn more about navigating the updated Reservation System, view our new instruction pages. Learn more...

Equipment Loan Policies Updated

September 2017

We've updated our Equipment Loan Policies for the 2017-2018 academic year. This annual update includes a new equipment, a new changelog, policies regarding recovered equipment, and a new Fine Remediation Training resource. Learn more...

What's New for Fall 2017

September 2017

Over the summer, we've modified our hours of operation and helped with the update of the lab workstations including Windows 10 and Office 2016. MobilePrint is new and makes printing a breeze in our labs. We've overhauled our Browse Our Equipment pages, providing detailed information for every piece of equipment, not to mention a lot of new equipment ready to be checked out and used in your projects! Learn more about all the updates we've done for the start of the academic year! Learn more...

Windows 10 New to Our Labs

August 2017

During the summer, our PC lab workstations have been updated to the Windows 10 operating system, including the latest Microsoft Office 2016 Suite.

ITS Podcast Guest Speaker

March 2017

We were invited as a guest speaker for the ITS Tech Check Webinar/Podcast to discuss Digital Media this March. Feel free to listen to this 30-minute audio recording as we scrape the surface of what encompasses digital media, creating multimedia content and some of the options and considerations related to the resources available to you from Digital Media Services. Learn more...

Equipment Reservation System Updated

January 2017

We have updated the Equipment Reservation System, allowing for a more mobile-friendly and streamlined workflow to review equipment availability and schedule reservations. This update also allows greater ease to modify or cancel reservations and review previous loan history. Learn more with our step-by-step guides to use this new "Patron Portal" system. Learn more...

Equipment Loan Policies Updated

August 2016

We've updated our Equipment Loan Policies for the 2016-2017 academic year. This annual update includes a new table of contents structure for greater ease of review and searching our policies, detailed communication procedures, and the terms and conditions associated to acceptable use of the Equipment Loan Program. Learn more...

Memory Cards & Hard Drive Discounts

July 2016

Digital Media Services has teamed up with a local vendor, MediaDistributors, to offer discounts on recommended SD & MicroSD Memory Cards and External Hard Drives. Find more details in the Technology Discounts section of TechConnect! Learn more...

Sustainable Printing

April 2014

We're expanding our sustainability efforts to support University initiatives and projects in the multimedia and digital media labs. We examined the full life cycle of our service locations, specifically with printing and cleaning supplies. Learn more...