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Use the table below or the categories from the left-hand menu to navigate and review our Equipment Categories and all available equipment we currently circulate. These pages provide images, technical specifications, manufacturer support links, equipment kit component details and related circulation limit details. To reserve equipment, visit the Equipment Reservation System.

PhotoCategory and Description
USB A to C cable (200x200px)

Adapters and Cables

A variety of cables are offered individually for audio and video connections, with common USB and USB-C adapter types.

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‌‌Audio Mixers & Interfaces - Presonus AR8 Mixer (200x200) 

Audio Mixers and Interfaces

Whether for projects or events, mixers and interfaces afford ease of routing audio signals from one device to another with clarity and crispness.

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Audio Recorders - Zoom H4n (477x477px)

Audio Recorders

Record dialog for an interview, capture a lecture or get clear audio for video projects and more while recording directly to these devices.

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 [Section List] Bose Soundlink Revolve+ (200px)

Bluetooth Speakers

These portable speakers offer wireless and bluetooth solutions for sound or music within small locations while retaining depth and clarity when playing from personal devices, mobile phones, iPods and more.

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Calculators - TI-84 Plus (200)


Several calculator types are available to aid in test taking or individual assignments ranging from standard scientific to finance to graphing calculators. 

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Camcorder - Sony HDR-AX2000_200px


Film your video project, presentation, interviews, events and more using one of the many camcorders we offer.

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Camera Accessories

Enhance your production with our supply of camera accessories.

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 Digital Camera - Canon 5D Mark III (200px)

Digital Cameras

From point-and-shoot to DSLR, try our digital cameras for your photography projects.

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Graphics Tablet - Wacom Intuos 4 (200px) 

Graphics Tablets

Graphics tablets are great for digital drawing and graphic design.

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Hard Drives and Memory Cards

Transfer and temporarily store your multimedia files on our external hard drives. Use the G-Tech EV Docks in our Digital Media Labs to seamlessly continue edits and complete your projects.

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Headphones - Sennheiser HD 380 Pro (200px) 


Wired and Bluetooth-enabled wireless over-the-ear headphones will help to focus on audio on your projects, or keep out noises while you listen to your music.

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 Laptops - MacBook Air (200px)

Laptops and Accessories

Continue assignments and projects and ensure your presentation goes smooth with use one of our laptops. Note that both Mac and PC laptops see high utilization throughout the academic year, so advanced reservations are recommended.

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 Lighting Tools - VidPro HDV-Z96 (200px)

Lighting Tools

Get the exact lighting you need in support for your video or photography projects.

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 Microphones - Shure SM58 Vocal (200px)


A wide variety of microphone options exist including lavalier, handheld and USB conference-style microphones suitable for a variety of uses and configurations with our other equipment and your own.

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Musical Instruments - Teenage Engineering OP-1 (200px) 

Musical Instruments

Explore new sounds and ways to create music with a variety of our MIDI controllers and electronic musical instruments.

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 Presentation Tools - Logitech R800 (200px)

Presentation Tools

Powerpoint remotes and other equipment that will aid in your individual or class presentations.

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Projectors and Screens - Epson Powerlite 1284 (200px) 

Projectors and Screens

Projectors and screens offer the ability to deliver your class presentations in spaces where classroom technology may not include projection or just review your videos projects as if you were in a movie theatre.

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 Tripods - Manfrotto 80cm (200px)

Tripods and Stabilization

Ensure balance and stabilization to your video, photography or even audio and other accessories with tripods and other stabilizing support tools.

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Webcams - Logitech C920 HD (200px) 

Webcams and Headsets

Participate or present in synchronous classes, webinars and other online video meetings with high quality video and reliable audio.

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