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[Section List] Sony ICD-UX560 4GB Audio Recorder (200px)

Sony ICD-UX560 4GB Audio Recorder

The Sony ICD-UX560 is a powerful and compact recording device ideal for interviews, reporting, and personal voice memos. This device features 48kHz sample rates and dynamic leveling that adjusts to incoming sounds. You can record up to 40 hours of audio in MP3 format.

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Zoom H5 Handy Recorder 

Zoom H5 Audio Recorder

The Zoom H5 is a compact, portable handheld digital recorder that is capable of four-track recording and features an interchangeable, modular microphone system.

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Mics & Audio - Zoom H6 Audio Recorder

Zoom H6 Audio Recorder

The Zoom H6 Audio Recorder comes with both X/Y and Mid-Side stereo mics.  It can be used for live recording as well as studio-quality music production, offering 6 tracks of simultaneous recording and 4 mic/line inputs.

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