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BA II Plus (Finance)

Calculator - TI BAII Plus Finance Calculator - 01 Body

 TI BAII Plus Finance Calculator


The TI BAII Plus best suits the needs for business students as one of the top financial calculators. It is capable of cash-flow analysis as well as profit and percent different calculations.

Feature Highlights

Primary Features

  •  TI 10 Character by 1 line Solar Financial Calculator with Alphanumeric Display Notation

Frequently Asked Questions

This equipment has the following limits for circulation and usage for Fall 2020: 

UPDATE: The NX-100 is not available for circulation for Fall 2020. Authorization may still be completed in advance to reserve in a future semester once availability returns.


DescriptionCirculation Limits
Minimum Length of Reservation/Checkout 0
Maximum Length of Reservation/Checkout 0


Component DetailsQuantityImage

TI BAII Plus Finance Calculator, includes
- Calculator Lid

- Calculator Functions Insert

1 Calculator - TI BAII Plus Finance Calculator - 01 Body
Required Qty 1
Technology Lithium
Basic Functions Addition, Division, Multiplication, Subtraction
Financial Functions Amortization, Bonds, Cash flow, Declining Balance (DB), Depreciation, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Mortgages, Net Present Value (NPV), Profit margin, Savings, Straight Line (SL), Time Value of Money (TVM), Yields
Scientific Functions Logarithm, Powers, Trigonometry
Digits Qty 10
Technology LCD

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