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TI-30Xa (Scientific)

Calculator - TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator - 01 Body

TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator


The TI-30Xa is a basic, battery-based scientific calculator with one-line display for general math and science functionality. This calculator can compute with fractions and trigonomic functions.

Feature Highlights

Primary Features

  • Scientific calculator
  • 10 digits
  • battery

Frequently Asked Questions

This equipment has the following limits for circulation and usage for Fall 2020: 

UPDATE: The NX-100 is not available for circulation for Fall 2020. Authorization may still be completed in advance to reserve in a future semester once availability returns.


DescriptionCirculation Limits
Minimum Length of Reservation/Checkout 0
Maximum Length of Reservation/Checkout 0


Component DetailsQuantityImage

TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator, includes
- Calculator Lid

- Calculator Functions Insert

1 Calculator - TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator - 01 Body
Basic Functions Addition, Division, Multiplication, Subtraction
Scientific Functions Angle conversion, Coordinate conversion, Decimal, Degree, Fraction, Fraction from to decimal, Gradian, Radian, Statistics, Trigonometry, Variables
Digits Qty 10
Line Qty 1 line
Technology LCD

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