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‌‌‌‌‌‌[Section List] Teenage Engineering OP1 Synth 200px

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer

The OP-1 is an all-in-one synthesizer, sampler and MIDI controller. With additional features like a built-in FM radio, microphone, and an assignable G-force sensor for motion controlled effects, it is a great tool for exploring and recording musical ideas anytime and anywhere.

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[Section List] Ableton Push 2 Controller 200px

Ableton Push 2 Controller

The Ableton Push 2 is a music production and sequencing tool that perfectly integrates with the Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstation. Create, manipulate, and perform beats and loops with this intuitive device.

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[Section List] Akai APC40 MkII Controller 200px

Akai APC40 mkII Midi Controller

The Akai APC40 Mark II Ableton Performance Controller is a redesign of the popular APC40 controller with intuitive design for electronic-music performance artists, DJs, hip-hop producers and traditional musicians using Ableton Live on stage and in the studio. Developed in direct cooperation with Ableton, the APC40 is pre-mapped to all of Ableton Live's controls..

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 ‌[Section List] Akai LPK25 Midi Controller 200px

Akai LPK25 Midi Controller

The Akai LPK25 MIDI Keyboard is a 25-key USB MIDI keyboard controller. It is ready to play when you plug in as no driver is required for Mac or PC. Compatible with most audio applications that provide software instruments such as GarageBand, Ableton Live, Logic Pro and ProTools.

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Equipment often used with Musical Instruments:
Audio Mixers and Interfaces, Audio Recorders, Headphones, and Microphones.

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