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Reviewing equipment availability, scheduling your own pickup and return times or editing an upcoming reservation is easy using our self-service Equipment Reservation System. Follow the guides below to review how to navigate our updated Reservation System, also known as the Patron Portal.

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Using the Reservation System

To access the Reservation System, enter your Loyola Network ID and password, then press the Login button.

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Upon successful login, you will see a list of all the Checkout Centers where you are able to reserve equipment. Choose a Checkout Center by clicking on the name in order to review and reserve equipment from that particular department.

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Please note: Access to the Digital Media Services Equipment Loan Program is limited to students currently active in coursework for the current term, faculty and staff paid through the Lawson/Infor system. For more information on access restrictions, visit the Accessing The Loan Program policies page.

Note: Patron Portal offers a mobile-friendly design. You can always click the pp03a_sandwich icon 15 blue menu icon in the top-left corner to also navigate around.

Click the Create New Reservation button.

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Set Pickup and Return Times

From the Create New Reservation page, update the Start and End date and time fields to set the time you will be present to pickup the equipment, and the scheduled return time. Note that Digital Media Services equipment has a maximum 5-day limit unless equipment states otherwise. Click Add Resources to add equipment to your reservation.

Browse Equipment

On the left-hand side, you will see the ability to browse our equipment by category. Click the twirl-down next to each equipment type to reveal the exact equipment we have available fo reservation. A Search By Keyword... search box is at the top of this list to also help filter the equipment.

After clicking the resource type, more details will display including circulation limits and links to the related Browse Our Equipment page. Although the Specific Items & Availability button is also present, we do not permit specific reservations of unique resources as our system is configured to ensure the most equipment availability. Click Reserve One Of This Type to add the equipment to your cart.

The Shopping Cart button at the top-right will update with a quantity count‌. If you wish to remove an item, click the cart icon and then click the X next to the equipment resource. Repeate this process as necessary to browse and add other equipment resources to your cart (or Checkout Allocation).

Confirm Your Reservation

Once you have completed adding all the necessary equipment, at the top-right click the Review and Submit button with the cart icon. Click the Submit reservation to save and submit your reservation request.

‌A notification will appear indicating Congratulations! Your reservation has been confirmed. Click X to return to the Patron Portal front page. From the front page, you can expand the My Reservations section to review all your upcoming reservations.

Once you have completed using the Reservation System, click your name in the top-right corner, then press Log Out.

Note that our policies expressly prohibit reservation pickups on-behalf-of other clients. The individual who booked the reservation must be present and in-person in order to pickup the reservation. For more information, see our Loan Program Policies > Checkout & Contract page.

As you work to create a reservation, you may notice a red error icon at the top-left and a message in the Review Your Reservation window stating "This reservation has errors" preventing you from confirming your upcoming reservation. The list below will identify some key reasons why this may occur.

Click on the red indicator at the top-left for more information on the exact errors preventing the reservation from being completed. During a standard reservation process, this can be present for the following reasons:

  • Empty Allocation - as you begin to create a reservation, this will show up since no equipment is in the checkout. As you add resources, this will go away.
  • Pickup Start and End Times - If you attempt to set a reservation in the past, beyond the resource's circulation limit, or when a Checkout Center is closed, errors will occur. Modify the Start and Stop times in order to conform to the equipment's availability and Checkout Center hours and loan limits.
  • Equipment Limits - Although a dropdown exists to easily add multiple resources, this feature does not account for many pieces of equipment that are limited to 1 per patron. The error will indicate "Resource type limit" or "Resource unavailable" for requests that exceed the quantity present at the Checkout Center.

You may need to click the Back button underneath the shopping cart to revise your pickup Start and End Times.

Additional indicators preventing completion of a reservation can include:

  • Late Equipment - If you currently have equipment on loan that is late and past the scheduled return time, you cannot reserve or checkout equipment until the late equipment is returned.
  • Active Fines or Holds - If you have any unpaid balances for fines or holds on your account from Digital Media Services, the fines must be paid in full before access to reserve or checkout equipment may resume. Holds from other Departments may be honored by other checkout centers that use the same Patron Portal equipment circulation system - until these fines have been paid or holds have been removed by the original department that created them, access to other department checkout centers may be blocked.
For more information about equipment and associated policies, visit our Loan Program Policies pages.

There are many reasons why you may want to modify an upcoming reservation. For those who may be running significantly late or want to bump back the pickup time, adjust return times, modify what equipment you'll be checking out (adding or removing resources), or even voluntarily canceling your reservation, you can always return to the system to modify future reservations.

After logging in and selecting the appropriate Checkout Center, click to expand the My Reservations section, click on the upcoming reservation you wish to modify. A View Reservation window will appear detailing associated information such as the Checkout Allocation (CK) number, pickup and return times and the associated equipment. 

Click the Edit Reservation button to make modifications as necessary. This will allow you to edit your reservation, following the same steps as you would create it. Once you have finished making your edits, click the Review and Submit button at the top-right, then click Submit reservation to finalize your edits.

Once you have completed using the Reservation System, click your name at the top-right corner then press Log Out.

Note: Digital Media Services has a 60-minute reservation pickup grace period. Reservations that elapse this timeframe will automatically be canceled. For more information, visit the Loan Program Policies > Reservations policies page.

No penalty will be incurred if you do not pickup a reservation. The reservation will auto-cancel after the 60-minute pickup grace period - however it is always greatly appreciated to cancel the reservation if you determine you no longer need or are able to pickup the equipment. This will immediately "free up" the equipment so others who may need the resources can reserve as necessary.

After logging in and selecting the appropriate Checkout Center, from the Future Reservations section, click on the upcoming reservation you wish to modify.

A View Reservation window will appear detailing associated information such as the Checkout Allocation (CK) number, pickup and return times and the associated equipment. 

Click the grey Cancel Reservation button. Another prompt will appear to confirm your request, click the blue Cancel Reservation button to confirm cancelation.

Once you have completed using the Reservation System, click your name in the top-right corner, then press Log Out.

Digital Media Services offers a few equipment types that due to their high cost or complexity, require specific authorization. To learn more about, visit the Equipment Authorization pages. You can view the equipment you have been authorized to use by click the My Groups section in the Reservation System.

Click to expand sections above to see step-by-step instructions detailing use of the Patron Portal reservation system.