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Checkout of equipment, whether upon a walk-in request or a reservation pickup, include several key steps including verifying identity, equipment review and condition assessment, and agreement to terms and conditions as identified in the Equipment Loan Contract.

7.1 Identification

7.1.1 Valid Loyola ID Card

In order to checkout equipment as identified in the Accessing the Program section, clients must present a valid Loyola ID Card. This review is not only done to confirm reservations or complete loan circulations through the circulation system, but to best verify individuals present to ensure there are no risks of identity theft or fraudulent use of a Loyola ID Card.

7.1.2 Second Form of ID Requests

Where applicable, Digital Media Services student workers or staff may request a second form of identification, such as a Driver’s License, to confirm the identity as presented on the Loyola ID Card.

7.2 Loan Contract Terms and Agreement

Clients are responsible for reviewing and accepting all associated policies, terms and conditions, including return location, date and times, equipment condition and hourly late fine values as identified in the Equipment Loan Contract for every checkout. Upon acceptance and agreement to these terms, the individual client providing authorization, via signature and initials or electronic authentication, is solely liable and responsible for all items identified on the Equipment Loan Contract.

7.2.1 Digital Media Services Staff Verification

Digital Media Services staff are responsible for verifying the Loyola ID of the client present at the pickup of a checkout once the Equipment Loan Contract is generated and authorizing, via signature or electronic authentication to best ensure no checkouts are completed erroneously under another individual’s account. This is identified on the paper contract as “Step 1 – Validate Client Information”.

7.2.2 Confirmation of Due Date, Time and Return Location

Clients are responsible to be aware of contracted due date, time and return location information. This is identified on the paper contract as “Step 2 – Review Your Equipment Due Date, Time and Return Location”.

If a client cannot return equipment by the date and times specified in the Equipment Loan Contract, this concern should be expressed directly with the staff member at the time of checkout prior to signing the Equipment Loan Contract. This will result in a check-in and a new checkout of the equipment to modify the return date and time based on equipment loan limits and availability.

7.2.3 Per-Item Description, Condition and Daily Fine Rate Review

Clients are responsible for reviewing all equipment associated to the checkout to verify or identify any condition notes such as scuffs, damages or other issues to ensure such notices are documented in the Equipment Loan Contract. Clients are responsible for each equipment kit item as barcoded and identified by components and accessories. This will be presented in the paper contract as “Step 3 – Review Your Equipment From This Loan”. This identifies each item per row including description, category, equipment accessories and condition notes, barcodes, and daily late fine value amounts.

Clients will be held fully responsible and solely liable for all damages to equipment not reported or identified during the checkout process in the Equipment Loan Contract. This includes, but is not limited to: theft, abuse/misuse of equipment (both unintentional and intentional), neglect or carelessness. Lost or damaged accessories, components, cases or equipment will be subject to review by Digital Media Services staff and where applicable, a fine invoice for the associated cost of repair or replacement will be notified to the contracted client.

7.2.4 Agreement to Equipment Loan Program Terms and Conditions

The final section of the contract, "Step 4 Review Equipment Loan Program Terms and Conditions", requires client signature indicating they have read, understood and accept the Equipment Loan Program Policies, Terms and Conditions in full.

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