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Equipment can be scheduled and reserved in advance online in addition to requested in-person from our loan locations. This section describes these two scenarios and associated policies.

6.1 Walk-In Requests

Clients may visit any loan room location to request checkout of equipment, which is considered a “Walk-In Request”. Although reservations are not a requirement for checkout of equipment, the ability to fulfill a walk-in request is limited to the availability of the resources present and any upcoming reservations that may reduce the potential length of the available loan period.

6.2 Self-Service Reservations

Online advance reservations are highly recommended, as equipment is often reserved by others days or weeks in advance. Clients who utilize the reservation system have greater ability to select pickup and return times based on equipment availability. Reservation kiosks will be available in or near loan location rooms, and can be access by visiting equipmentloan.luc.edu

Reservations cannot be transferred to another individual. Clients cannot reserve equipment in their own name for another individual to pick-up the equipment. The client reserving and checking out equipment (and signing the Equipment Loan Contract) will be held fully responsible and solely liable for the equipment. Reservations requests via telephone will not be accepted as we cannot confirm identity and it is the client's responsibility to review available equipment in order to best accommodate based on their own personal schedules return times that work for both the individual and with what equipment availability offers.

6.2.1 Reservation Pickup Grace Period

Clients have a 60-minute grace period to pick up equipment that is reserved. Clients that exceed 60-minutes from the reservation pick-up start time will have their reservation automatically cancelled by the reservation system.

Clients who are aware they are running late and may not be able to arrive within 60-minutes are encouraged to visit the reservation system during to modify and update their reservation start time later to better prevent the risk of the system automatically canceling the reservation

6.2.2 Unavailable Equipment due to Late Returns

Clients using the loan program rely on the equipment being available for on-time pickup. When a client makes a reservation using our online reservation system, identify specific dates and times for both pickup and return. This does not account for clients who do not return equipment on time, with damages or missing components. Fines are in place to best ensure timely returns, though if equipment is not available as reserved, we will strive to provide alternate options or solutions if the equipment is not presently available. We are not able to estimate late return times, as it is dependent entirely on the individual with the past-due equipment.

6.2.3 Cancelation of Reservations

Clients may cancel their reservation at any time on their own by visiting the online reservation system. Although reservations will automatically cancel after the pickup grace period expires, it is recommended that clients cancel reservations to better enable others who may need that equipment have the opportunity to reserve and use it

6.3 Reservation Limits

Reservation limits exist to avoid individual monopolization of resources. Equipment can be reserved up to 90-days in advance or until the last day of the current academic semester, whichever is sooner. As equipment is refreshed and updated routinely, this prevents the risk of a reservation made significantly far in advance that may otherwise be for equipment that has since been replaced with newer models.

Some equipment may have additional reservation limit restrictions. Visit the Browse Our Equipment for specific details for each equipment category and type.

During end-of-semester periods leading into breaks when equipment inventory and updates occur, reservation requests must be submitted via email identifying equipment needs, campus, pickup and return times. Student requests that extend past their active term of coursework are not eligible for such requests; employee requests for loan overlapping these periods are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

6.3.1 Renewal Requests

A reservation will not renew equipment actively on loan. It is not possible to modify return dates and times for equipment after the initial checkout and loan contract has been completed. Requests to renew equipment through email or telephone cannot be accepted.

To “renew” equipment, a client must return all equipment actively on loan to the original loan location of checkout in order to create a new reservation with new due dates and times as identified and agreed to on a new Equipment Loan Contract.

6.3.2 Location Closure

Equipment checkouts will not occur within the final thirty (30) minutes of a loan location’s hours of operation. Clients are advised to take this into consideration when planning reservations or walk-in requests. The reservation system also has the same considerations for this buffer period before closing.

In the event short-term loan equipment is not returned prior to a circulation desk or location’s closure, but the building may remain open, it is advised that clients retain the equipment and return the following morning as returns done on-behalf-of-clients run greater risk of misplaced items, accessories or late returns, all of which is still the responsibility of the contracted client.

6.3.3 University Holidays

Reservations and checkouts that overlap University Holidays, when the Equipment Loan Program locations are closed for full calendar days, can allow users to checkout equipment without that 'day' counting toward the circulation limit. This will be evident when creating reservations or making checkout requests where such closures occur during the time of use before the scheduled return time. Return dates and times will always be set to dates and times when the Equipment Loan Program locations are open and operational.

Further information about checkout location hours for regular semester, University holidays, breaks and reduced hours can be found on the Location Hours pages.

6.4 Extended Loan Requests

Requests for equipment beyond the established circulation limits cannot be granted in order to best ensure equity and efficiency in the loan process and maximum availability of the equipment during the normal academic sessions.

For specific times during the year, such as University Holidays or Breaks, clients who remain active with access during such a period may submit an Extended Loan Request via email identifying the exact nature of equipment needs, use and length of loan. Such extended loan requests must be submitted via email at least 7-days in advance from the intended checkout time. This affords Digital Media Services staff sufficient time for review request specifics and communicate with clients to determine what options may be available. These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and there is no guarantee any extended loan request may be granted.

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