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WebCheckout Reservations

How do I login?

To access the Reservation System, enter your Loyola Network ID and password, then press the Login button. (If you receive a "Login Failed" message, review the bottom of the page for more information).

pp01_login 200b

Upon successful login, you will see a list of all the Checkout Centers where you are able to reserve equipment. Choose a Checkout Center by clicking on the name in order to review and reserve resources from that particular department.

pp02_choose checkout center 200b

After selecting a Checkout Center, you may see a Message of the Day dialog box sharing specific news or updates from that Organization or area.

How do I create a new reservation?

To create a new reservation, start by navigating through the equipment categories in the Types section. Click the image matching the type you need.
Tip: The Patron Portal offers a mobile-friendly design. Click the blue menu icon in the top-left corner to navigate around.

For some Checkout Centers, this may list available equipment to borrow:

Screenshot of the WebCheckout Patron Portal (equipment reservation system) displaying the Select Type to select equipment types.


For other Checkout Centers, this may list office hoteling spaces or locations to reserve:

Screenshot of the WebCheckout Patron Portal (reservation system) displaying the Select Type to select Rooms or Locations.

For Checkout Centers with multiple items, click the blue arrrows to navigate left or right to see more Types of resources. Some category types can have subcategories with exact resource details, or even groups with further subcategories. Navigate to find the resources you wish to reserve. If you had previously started a reservation but did not complete it, you can also choose items from the My Previously Added Items section.

Add Resources to Your Cart

Click the blue button that says, Reserve one of this Type to add this to your cart. You may also need to click an exact resource item, like a specific room name.

Reservations - Reserve One Of This Type

When you are ready to complete the reservation, click the Cart button at the upper-right side of the screen. From th Cart dialog box, click Create Reservation.

Reservations - Cart Icon

Finalize Your Reservation

From Review Your Reservation dialog box, use the dropdown menus to set the Start Time and End Time dates and times for your pickup and return times. Some Checkout Centers will also have a Terms & Conditions agreement form/checkbox. Make sure to check the checkbox in order to complete your reservation. For Digital Media Services, learn more about our .

The Review Reservation dialog box from the Patron Portal (equipment reservation system), displaying the Start Time and End Times for clients to set pickup and return times, as well as the agreement checkbox for terms and conditions. Once completed and set properly, the

When you have finished editing your reservation, select Submit reservation. The page will display a confirmation message and you may receive a confirmation email as well.

What are these “reservation errors,” and how do I fix them?

As you work to create a reservation, you may notice a red error icon at the top-left and a message in the Review Your Reservation window stating "Reservation has errors" preventing you from confirming your upcoming reservation. The list below will identify some key reasons why this may occur.

Reservations - Closed At Pickup Time

Click on the carrot icon for more information on the exact errors preventing the reservation from being completed. During a standard reservation process, this can be present for the following reasons:

  • Empty Allocation - as you begin to create a reservation, this will show up when no resources are in the checkout. As you add resources, this will go away.
  • Closed at pickup time / Closed at return time - If you attempt to set a reservation in the past, beyond the resource's circulation limit, or when a Checkout Center is closed, errors will occur. Checkout Center hours are available to select and review the hours of operation for the checkout center for the next 7 days. Modify the Start Time and End Time in order to conform to the resource's availability and Checkout Center hours and loan limits.
  • Patron Portal allocations require I agree to the terms and conditions - this means the required checkbox to agree to Checkout Center terms and conditions has not yet been selected and is required before a reservation can be submitted/completed.
  • Resource Limits - Although a dropdown exists to easily add multiple resources, this feature does not account for many resources that are limited to 1 per patron. The error will indicate "Resource type limit" or "Resource unavailable" for requests that exceed the quantity present at the Checkout Center. If attempting to reserve both a Mac and a PC, this is not permitted per our Circulation Limits policies, so the error will list both as "exceeds the policy limit of 1; 2 allocated" - to resolve this, the allocation must have no more than 1 Laptop total.

If due to these limitations you would like to add new resource to your reservation, click the Continue Editing button while navigating the Review Your Reservation window.

Additional indicators preventing completion of a reservation can include:

  • Late Loan - If you currently have resources on loan that is late and past the scheduled return time, you cannot reserve or checkout until the late resources are returned.
  • Active Fines or Holds - If you have any unpaid balances for fines or holds on your account from Digital Media Services, the fines must be paid in full before access to reserve or checkout equipment may resume. Holds from other Departments may be honored by other checkout centers that use the same Patron Portal equipment circulation system - until these fines have been paid or holds have been removed by the original department that created them, access to other department checkout centers may be blocked.
For more information about equipment and associated policies, visit the Digital Media Services Loan Program Policies pages.

How do I modify an upcoming reservation?

After logging in, click the top-left menu icon (☰) then select My Account.

Reservations - Navigation Menu

From the My Reservations section, select to the reservation you wish to edit. A dialog box will appear, click the Edit Reservation button.

The dialog box that appears when modifying an upcoming reservation, with buttons to edit or cancel.

If you select Edit Reservation, a new window will appear. This window presents options to change the Start Time and End Time and adjust the quantity of each resource type in your checkout. If you would like to add new resources to your checkout, select the Continue Editing button. You then have the ability to add new items to your cart like you would normally, finalizing your edits like you would creating a new reservation. To commit all changes to your reservation, click the Update Reservation button.

A dialog box for editing an upcoming reservation.

Once you have completed using the Reservation System, click your name at the top-right corner then press Log Out.

How do I cancel a reservation?

First, log in to the Patron Portal using the instructions listed above. After logging in, you will see the menu ("hamburger") icon located on the upper-left side of the screen. Open the menu and select My Account.

Reservations - My Account

Locate the section of the window titled, My Reservations. Navigate to the reservation you wish to edit. A new window will appear, displaying the Edit Reservation button. Click to proceed. You will see the option to Cancel Reservation.

No penalty will be incurred if you do not pick up a reservation. The reservation will auto-cancel after the 60-minute pickup grace period - however, it is always greatly appreciated to cancel the reservation if you determine you no longer need or are able to pick up the resources. This will immediately "free up" the resources so others can reserve as necessary.

Once you have completed using the Reservation System, click your name at the top-right corner then press Log Out.

Please note: Digital Media Services has a 60-minute reservation pickup grace period. Reservations that elapse this timeframe will automatically be canceled. For more information, visit the Loan Program Policies policies page.

How do I renew a current loan?

Visit our WebCheckout Renewals page for step-by-step instructions.

How can I review what authorizations I have?

First, log in to the Patron Portal using the instructions listed above. After logging in, you will see the menu  ("hamburger") icon located on the upper-left side of the screen. Open the menu and select My Account.

Reservations - Equipment Authorizations

Scroll down to the section titled, My Groups. There, you will be able to review the authorizations you have been granted.

Reservations - My Groups 

Digital Media Services offers a few equipment types that due to their high cost or complexity, require specific authorization. To learn more about, visit the Equipment Authorization pages. Upon completion of authorization forms, this may take 1-2 business days for our Media Production Specialists to review and enable your authorization.

Receiving a Login Failed error?

Access to WebCheckout is limited to the following individuals:

  • Students active in coursework for the current term (as identified by class start/end times in LOCUS)
  • Current Faculty and Staff employed through Lawson

Access is not available to the following groups:

  • Students not actively taking coursework for the current term (as identified by class start/end times in LOCUS)
  • Contractors
  • Sponsored Guests
  • Alumni, Retiree, Emeritus
  • Community Members or Library Reciprocal Borrowers

Please note that other Departments and Schools using WebCheckout may have further access restrictions, such as limited access specific to course enrollment.


Our self-service Reservation System is a responsive system enabling the ease of scheduling your own pickup and return times for resources, reviewing availability, edit or cancel an upcoming reservation, or even renew a current loan. Follow the instructions below for step-by-step guides using the Reservation System, also known as the Patron Portal.

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