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Examples Of Services

Our Media Production services can help take your course content to the next level. Below are just some examples of what we can create with instructors.

  • Guest Lecturers. Guest lecturers are a perfect opportunity for your class to hear another perspective. This could be a specialist in a given field, a fellow scholar or colleague, or even a former students sharing new project and work experience, among others. The possible learning opportunities from those sharing their experiences can be endless, however their availability may be limited. Some guests may not be as technologically savvy for online meetings, while others may only have an single afternoon free, which may not be repeatable or for those students that are absent, will miss out. A recording of the guests lecture or dialog can afford you more flexibility to share this experience with your students to review at their convenience, semester after semester with the same consistency and message.
  • One-on-One Interviews. Similar to guest lecturers, you may anticipate a class session where you interview and dialog with a guest. Our studio can be configured with two height adjustable chairs for the comfort of both you, as the interviewer, and your guest.
  • Dialog-Based Interactions. A Modern Languages instructor may bring a colleague or guest to demonstrate examples of dialog and conversation between native speakers. Or similarly, a Business class may have an instructor and guest.
  • Software Training & Narration. Technology or a specific piece of software may play an integral role in a lesson plan, or the overall course. With screen recording and equipment suitable for quality audio narration, we can coordinate with you as the subject matter expert to navigate through the software, setting it up or configuring as you would like to share with your students again and again.

These are just a few examples of what we can offer. Our consultation services are a perfect opportunity to understand your goals and brainstorm possibilities for developing and delivering your instruction in an engaging multimedia format. We anticipate expanding this list as new projects shed light on even more ways we can reconfigure and produce multimedia content, and where permission is granted, share some example video snippets, screenshots and more!

Video Examples of Services