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Information Technology Services


Our media production services are unique across our two campus locations, in part due to our space limitations. This however affords us some creative opportunities to focus and develop resources we think are beneficial to these unique spaces.

Located in the Information Commons room 207, our Media Production Studio has emphasis on video production capabilities, ranging from adjustable 3-point lighting, professional backdrops, and high quality audio and video capture ideal for one or two individuals to be recorded on camera.

Audio and Video

Our primary camera is the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro Digital Cinema Camera with cinema lenses offering up to 4.6K recording resolution. With numerous on-camera controls, this affords us greater flexibility and precision when capturing footage. In addition, we have Sony HXR-NX100 full HD camcorders and Canon 5D Mark II DSLR cameras for recordings requiring multiple angles. To capture the best audio, we use Sennheiser shotgun microphones, Lavalier Kits and/or Zoom audio recorders depending on the needs of particular projects.


We have a few 3-point lighting kits with multiple bulb sockets, stands and softboxes to accommodate natural and ideal lighting for those on-camera. We can customize our configuration based on particular projects and individuals on-camera, with the goal to provide a clear and evenly lit settings.


For recordings with written material, individuals can choose to have text appear on teleprmopters. This can make recordings appear more natural and focused with the speaker looking directly at the camera while being filmed.


We currently have 3 backdrops: Black, White, and Green (Chroma Key). Black or white backdrops offer a clean and professional look while speaking on camera. Our greenscreen affords us the ability to key in alternate backgrounds, such as University colors, logos, or a combination with your own materials. Our backdrops have a maximum height of 13.5ft and up to 12.9ft backdrops, allowing for a comfortable space for the individual in front of the camera.

The overall layout of our room affords us some flexibility to adjust our equipment as needed for the projects. We have a few small stools and small tables to help make on-camera more comfortable, and can potentially make use of our existing tables or black rolling office chairs depending on configuration.

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