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Submission Form

Visit our Button Making Request Form, accessible via our ITS Service Catalog- Button Making Request Form.

Can I review the progress of my order?

Yes. You can always return to the ITS Service Portal and locate your active service requests. The Progress and Status fields will update as we continue to work on Review Your Order to ensure it will scale properly and complies with our Button Making Policies, as the order is Ready for Print, and then Printed and Ready for Pickup.

Review Poster Request screenshot

What email notifications will I receive after submitting my order?

You will receive a few email notifications as your poster order is processed. All emails will come from ITSServiceRequest. Do not change the subject line as that is used to properly sort the emails to the associated tickets.

  1. Confirmation of Service Request Submission. Once your order is submitted, you will get an email confirming the new service request ticket has been created. The email subject will be "Submitted: Poster Printing [ServiceReq# 12345]".
  2. Potential inquiries if there are dimensions, fonts, file access, or policy issues. In some instances, if orders violate our Poster Printing Policies, or the file cannot be opened, we will notify you and ask that you review and resubmit a new order. If there is an issue with the dimensions (the file dimensions do not match or scale proportionally to the dimensions you requested), we will provide a suggestion to the closest dimension of Length or Width, with the updated cost. You may approve our recommended scaling or reply with the corrected file that you've scaled to the dimensions you wish. These emails will have the subject will summarize the category of the issue, such as "Poster Printing: Poster dimension issues [ServiceReq# 12345]".
  3. Ready for Pickup. Once we have reviewed, printed, and rolled your poster, you will receive an email indicating the order is ready for pickup. The email will have the subject "Poster Printing: Ready for pickup..." with the campus location you selected.
  4. Reminder for Pickup. If orders are not picked up within one week (7-days) a reminder email will be sent. As our storage space is limited and the service sees heavy utilization, If the order is not picked up within two weeks (14-days), we reserve the right to securely shred the poster and transfer the charge for the cost of supplies to an Invoice in our Equipment Loan Program, or proceed with the Account Code expense transfer. In such instances, an email notification will be sent for this as well.

Button Submission Tips

As a reminder your button will have the best quality if your submission meets the following guidelines:

  • Use our templates to arrange your art file on the right size button
  • Art is in CMYK Color
  • Art is at least 300dpi
  • All fonts are outlined
  • All linked images are embedded in file
  • Fonts are 5pt size or above
  • Line weight is 0.5pt thick or above
  • Art is at least the size of your chosen button
  • Prefered file type is Adobe PDF (.pdf)

Visit our Button Making Request Form, accessible via our ITS Service Catalog- Button Making Request Form.