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Webinars come in many shapes and sizes, however their primary goal supports synchronous seminar-like sessions with one or several presenters or speakers, sharing information with an audience. This can encapsulate a simple presentation with a powerpoint slides, or a rich multimedia experience with webcams, audio, video, screenshares and audience participation. Below you find guides and resources identifying the resources, tools and strategies to plan and conduct a webinar with success.

Webinars and Meeting Rooms

Learn about the features that both Zoom Webinar and Zoom Meeting Rooms offer as well as the differences and additional features available within Zoom Webinar.

Basics & Equipment

Whether you are broadcasting from your office as the only presenter to your audience, or you are using an on- or off-campus location with multiple panelists, there are many different ways approaches and configurations for Webinars. This section describes some key terms and equipment recommendations.

Pre-Event Checklist

After identifying the needs for your Webinar, this section provides a checklist on recommendations related to preparing for the event and communications with your audience.

Activities During Your Webinar

All the steps and considerations for the actual webinar as it occurs, from joining early, verifying audio, remembering to press record and interacting with your audience, learn more about what to do during the webinar itself. 

Post-Event Activities

After the Webinar concludes, there can be one or several activities you may want to take including sharing the webinar recording, review of metrics and statistics and even outreach to those who could or could not attend.