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Pre-Event Checklist

This list identifies several best practices as you initially plan your webinar and the time leading up to it. Although not all of this is technical, these steps can help keep you organized, clear in your communications and set great standards to keep your audience engaged and tuned in.

  • Create a brief but thorough registration form. Draft a registration form that gathers all of the information you need to collect. The more registration questions, the more risks you may lose prospective attendees. Always ask for questions and comments and make that field optional.
  • Plan a rehearsal. Schedule at least 30 minutes with your presenters a few days prior to your event to review the technology, discuss roles and tasks, and finalize your content to make sure that your day-of is as stress free as possible. We suggest scheduling your rehearsal or dry run as a separate meeting or webinar from the live event.
  • Review the attendee report. Download and analyze the attendee report to see who may be joining you and where they are from. Review any questions or comments to better understand what they may be hoping to get out of the webinar. Addressing these questions or speaking to these topics will make the session personalized and even more valuable to your attendees.

More Zoom Webinar Tips and Tricks. Visit Zoom's website for more tips and tricks, such as the Getting Started with Zoom Webinars, Zoom Webinar Best Practices Checklist, and Zoom Webinars FAQ.

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