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In order to gain access to use this space, completion of our authorization training is required. This training is available online in a self-paced environment, allowing you to review the training content at your convenience. Authorization training will review key features, recommended settings in order to record your audio, and important policies and guidelines. Upon successful completion of the authorization training, ou will be able to login to the Equipment Reservation System, from the DMS - Corboy Law Center room 606 (WTC), locate the WTC Vocal Booth resource to book your reservation.

Within Sakai, you will need to join the DMS Authorizations project site in order to gain access to the self-paced training. To join this project site, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to Sakai with your University Network ID (UVID).
  2. When you log in, you should be at the Home section, if not, select the Home link at the top-left corner.
  3. From the left-hand navigation bar, select the Membership link.
  4. Near the top, select the Joinable Sites tab.
  5. Using the search box, search DMS Authorizations. Once you locate this site, select it and choose Join. This will now be among the list of your sites visible under the My Current Sites tab and from the Sites icon at the top-right.
  6. From the left-hand menu, select Vocal Booth Training, then follow the instructions to review the WTC Vocal Booth Authorization.

Navigate to Trainings > WTC Vocal Booth, and then click the 1. Click here to begin the WTC Vocal Booth authorization training. The training should take approximately 15-20 minutes to review.

Once you have reviewed the training, click the 2. Click here to begin the WTC Vocal Booth assessment. This is a 10-question test that you must achieve a score of 100% in order to gain access authorization. You may re-take the assessment as many times as necessary to earn this score.

We review authorization assessments once a day by full-time Digital Media Services staff only. Access will be granted two (2) business days upon verification of assessment scores (Monday through Friday, excluding University Holidays). Note that our student workers do not have the ability to review scores or grant authorization access.

Once you have been granted authorization access and the ability to reserve the Vocal Booth, follow these steps below to create a reservation.

  1. Visit the Equipment Reservation System, enter your Loyola Network ID and password, then press Login.
  2. Upon successful login, you will see a list of all the Checkout Centers you have access to. Select DMS - Corboy Law Center 608 Vocal Booth (WTC).
  3. From the Patron Dashboard, click the Create New Reservation button
  4. On the Create New Reservation page, set the Start Time and End Time. As Vocal Booth reservations are limited to 1-hour in length, your start and end dates must be no more than 60minutes in duration.
  5. Click the Add Resources button.
  6. Select the Vocal Booth Studio (WTC) from the list of resources, and then press the Reserve One Of This Type button.
  7. Click the Shopping Cart icon at the top-right to review your reservation. Press Submit Reservation to finalize your reservation. You will receive an email confirmation shortly afterward.

WTC Vocal Booth Reservation via WebCheckout 

For more information on errors or messages within the Reservation System, visit .

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