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What is DocFinity?

DocFinity: Loyola’s ECM Solution

In 2007, LUC embarked on the RFI/RFP process and created a committee to select an imaging solution. LUC identified 17 vendors with the help of professional organizations and peer universities. At the end of the process, DocFinity was the software that scored the highest overall.

DocFinity is a web-based application with the following functionality:

  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • Document Importing (including e-mail)
  • Retrieval
  • Business Process Management (Work Flows)
  • Records Management
  • Remote access (thru VPN)
  • System Administration

The DocFinity enterprise content management (ECM) system enables institutions to create, monitor, and optimize student-based documents, records, and back-office processes. DocFinity allows users to eliminate mundane tasks, standardize processes, automatically distribute work, and reuse data from other systems. This helps staff to minimize errors, improve turnaround, and achieve a greater degree of process efficiency.

For more information, visit http://www.docfinity.com/.

Note to Loyola users: You must be within the LUC network or the VPN to access DocFinity.