Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

What is DocFinity’s Business Impact?

Some of the ways that DocFinity’s document management capabilities have benefited several LUC departments:
  • Process Efficiency: Improved document scanning, indexing and workflow processes. Savings of 9600+ hours annually during the scanning and document handling processes.
    • Business Impact: Documents are available earlier in the process for administrative review and for earlier student appointments.
  • Improved Security: Utilizing the enhanced document security features to control document access. Creating work flow notifications for end document user.
    • Business Impact: Reduces security risks with multiple paper copies containing personally identifiable information and restricts access to appropriate audiences. Eliminates inter-campus mail for document sharing.
  • Advanced Functionality: Productivity reporting is no longer a manual process.
    • Business Impact: Elimination of manual “tick” reporting.
  • Faster Document Retrieval: Single-click document access and integration with LOCUS makes scanned documents available in seconds rather than minutes.
    • Business Impact: 86% average process improvement reduces administration time and allows more time to service students.
  • Improved Data Integrity: Control of data accuracy through workflow processing and LOCUS assisted index/data validation.
    • Business Impact: Reduction in error corrections.
  • Enhanced Data Sharing: Transcript tracking workflow has reduced the amount of time required to exchange images (documents) between departments at different campuses.
    • Business Impact: Quicker response times for transcript processing/updates.
  • Communication Improvements: Utilization of DocFinity versus the legacy system.
    • Business Impact: Overall improved communication within the graduate schools.