Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

Data Governance & Integrity Steering Committee

Area MemberAlternate
Office of Institutional Effectiveness  Brian Erdman (Co-Chair)   
ITS Data Warehouse & BI Jasmina Hoscheit (Co-Chair)   
Advancement Shanelle Burns TBD 
Enrollment & Student Success Tim Heuer Michael Montgomery 
Faculty Administration Michelle Same Michelle Pencyla 
Finance Tracy Snowberger Rebecca Gomez Klein
Human Resources Vivek Soolapany Warrier  Danielle Hanson
Registration & Records Rita Vazquez Susan Ries
ITS Data Warehouse & BI Tony Vavarutsos Jim Sibenaller
ITS Enterprise Architecture Jim Sibenaller Lydia Robertson 
ITS Server Operations Jon Fischer Eric Killham
ITS Student Systems Xiomara Franco Dave Kessler
ITS UISO  Jim Pardonek Chris Campbell
Office of Institutional Effectiveness Marilee Ludvik Nishi Rai
Schools Anthony Deldin Siobhan Cafferty
Student Development Shannon Howes William Rodriguez


The Data Governance & Integrity Steering Committee (DGISC) provides on-going cross-functional expertise and guidance for data-driven decision-making at Loyola. This cross-functional committee will enhance the understanding and quality of institutional data through coordinated efforts of campus stakeholders. In addition, this group will establish a framework for appropriate access to, use of, and accountability of, institutional data. 

This committee seeks to: 

  • Ensure that University decision makers have the data they need, and information is presented consistently across units and schools, through resources such as shared data definitions  
  • Increase data governance and integrity collaboration across the University, to help establish business processes, standards, strategies, and direction through drafting and recommending policies to the DGI executive sponsors 
  • Develop initiatives with information security considerations for appropriate access, use, storage, and publication of data 
  • Define department and individual contributor responsibilities for the management and accountability of university data 
  • Encourage data governance and data integrity transparency to remove barriers for data-driven decision-making 
  • Establish appropriate training, support, and knowledge-sharing opportunities for the broader user communities 
  • Foster buy-in and promote data governance, data quality improvements, consistent data application, and documentation of business process within their areas 
  • Envision and communicate the long-term value of the DGI program 
  • Develop a shared understanding of the roles and responsibilities for various units and to develop the concept of a “common data model” 

Steering Committee members will serve as stewards and champions of the management of data to help us move toward optimized data governance and integrity maturity model. The Steering Committee has the additional responsibility of monitoring and assessing the DGI program periodically to evaluate progress or areas in need of improvement. 

Have a data governance and integrity question? Email us at DGI@luc.edu.

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