Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

Architecture Review Board

Chair: Jim Sibenaller

Guests will be invited as topically appropriate.
Chief Information Officer Susan Malisch
Academic & Operational Support  Dan Vonder Heide
Integrations & Applications  Dawn Fitzgerald 
Data, Security & Architecture Jim Sibenaller
Informatics & Clinical Research Ron Price
Infrastructure Jeff Apa
Enterprise Architect Rejoice Jebamalaidass


The Architecture Review Board will build the technology roadmap that enables Loyola University Chicago to fulfill its mission and vision effectively while adapting to a changing higher education environment.


The Architecture Review Board (ARB) engages and consults with groups who are interested in technology innovation and change. These groups are called Technology Advisory Committees (TAC) and an ARB member will sponsor each TAC. The membership of a TAC should be diverse and representative of the area being researched. ARB members are available for consulting on a TAC where needed.  The research results, needs analysis, technology assessment information and recommendations created by a TAC will be submitted to and reviewed by the ARB who initiates the governance steps for introducing technology changes to Loyola. For more information, view the process diagram (PDF - Internal Viewing Only).

Enterprise Architecture Principles

Enterprise architecture principles are a set of guidelines to be applied to increase the consistency and quality of technology decision making so that the appropriate level of due diligence is done to ensure technology changes or new acquisitions are compatible with our current technology investments. To learn more, view the enterprise architecture principles.

Current/Future State Diagrams

The current and future state diagrams provide a topical view of the enterprise technologies deployed at Loyola University Chicago. The current state diagram defines the technology and their relationships as they exist today. It defines the "as is". The future state diagram defines the technology and relationships as they will be at some point in the future. It represents the technology position of the future or "to be". For more information about current and future state technology diagrams please contact the chair of the Architecture Review Board.

Technology Roadmap

The technology roadmap is a key component of the Information Technology Services technology strategy. It provides an overview of the core enterprise technologies undergoing change and documents the stage or "lifecycle point" of each technology. The roadmap defines how to move technology from "as is" to "to be".  For more information about the technology roadmap please contact the Chair of the Architecture Review Board.

ARB Meeting Summaries

The ARB was created as a subcommittee to the IT Executive Steering Committee in 2006. The ARB meets approximately monthly. Guests are invited depending on the topics covered in the meeting. For historical information or for more information about the monthly meetings, agendas and outcomes please contact the Chair of the Architecture Review Board.

For more information on enterprise architecture or the Architecture Review Board please contact the chair.

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