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ITESC Prioritization Process

Prioritization Results:

ITESC "Top 20" Prioritization Exercise:

Twice annually the IT Executive Steering Committee (ITESC) will execute a prioritization of the ITS project portfolio at Loyola. The results of the prioritization are input into the creation of the 6 month Plan of Record for ITS.

Desired Outcome:

  • Identify the top technology projects for the university that best fit the qualifying characteristics based on the LUC strategic plan and goals.
  • Whittle down the list of projects "in-progress" to a manageable number and/or set appropriate expectations with regard to delivery dates.
  • Focus ITS resources on these projects.
  • Proactively manage resourcing issues in conjunction with the project capacity/availability of the organization.
  • Reset role expectations for project sponsors and project team members.


  • Each area represented on the ITESC will submit one ranking sheet (1–20) of the top priority projects. For example, we'll receive one sheet from Finance, Human Resources, Development, Facilities, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and ITS.
  • The "Prioritization Worksheet" tab within this spreadsheet will be used for this exercise. Using the "Your Ranking" column, rank your projects from 1 to 20, where 1 is the most important. Detailed Project Descriptions and Institutional Impact Statements within the Prioritization Worksheet.

    Note that project groupings for dependent or related projects will receive one ranking. However, projects within a single Program may have different priorities and delivery dates assigned and will be resourced accordingly.
  • For your convenience, the projects already rated "high" by the Project Review Board are included in the Prioritization Worksheet tab, as well as the new projects (Unplanned or New) that have been submitted/requested since we developed the Plan of Record in July. We anticipate that the PRB has done a pretty good job of identifying the top projects and therefore, most of your top items will already be listed here.
  • The complete list of projects is in the "xxxx Plan Of Record" tab, sorted by Priority (A=High, B=Medium, C=Low, M=Mandatory, U=Unplanned). It is recommended that each committee member performs a cursory review of the B and C projects for prioritization consideration. If you identify a B or C project that should be incorporated into your Top 20 ranking, please add it on one of the five blank lines at the bottom of the Prioritization Worksheet. The "Row Nbr" column will assist with moving between the 2 sheets.

Next Steps:

  • Prioritized Worksheets are Due By: MM/DD/YY.
  • Submissions will be consolidated and reviewed at the upcoming ITESC meeting.
  • Questions can be directed to Susan Malisch, 8-7750 or Jim Sibenaller, 8-7665.

Prioritization Criteria:

When ranking projects the strategic value of each project will be determined by each ITESC member. The value should be the impact on the LUC promise, mission & goals. The following criteria should be considered when creating a ranking.

  1. Enhances Learning/Supports Teaching & Research Initiatives
  2. Advances Student’s Positive Experience at LUC/Increases Retention
  3. Improves Service
  4. Improves Efficiency or Effectiveness
  5. Reduces Risk of Failure/Improves Security
  6. Has Strong Sponsorship (Owner Commitment & Funding)
  7. Client Community is Ready to Use
  8. Technology Complies with LUC Standards and Integrates Well
  9. Project is Clearly Defined and Benefits are Measurable

Prioritization Worksheet Sample:

Sample Results:

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