Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

Personal Information Risk Group

Chair: Joe Bazeley
  Function/Area       Member
Academic Affairs Clare Korinek
Academic Affairs Tim O'Connell
Academic Affairs Eric Pittenger
Advancement Kevin Wiley
Finance Laura Bulgarelli
Finance John Campbell
Finance Becky Gomez
Finance Bethany Gryfakis
Finance Sandra Letrich
Finance Benjie Loanzon
Finance Tim McGuriman
     Function/Area      Member
Finance Cary O'Brien
Finance Brian Slavinskas
Finance Kathleen Steinfels
Finance Dina Zilber
Human Resources Carol McCormack
Human Resources Carolyn Wright
Information Technology Larry Adams
Rome - *Informed Only Christine Marciasini
Wellness Center Diane Asaro
SMART (Guest) Sue Kilby
LUMC (Guest) Ron Price

   Current Members as of 15 Dec, 2007


    The Personal Information Risk Group is charged with identifying all areas within Loyola that use personally 
    identifiable information (PII) or other information protected by Local, State, or Federal regulations, and
    ensuring that the necessary policies, processes, procedures, and technologies are in place so that those
    areas can appropriately safeguard that information.


        DATE              Agenda &
         Meeting Minutes
April 30, 2007  Agenda & Minutes       Documents 
March 26, 2007  Agenda & Minutes       Documents
February 6, 2007  Agenda & Minutes       Documents
January 10, 2007  Agenda & Minutes       Documents
November 20, 2006  Agenda & Minutes       Documents
October 23, 2006  Agenda & Minutes       Documents
September 29, 2006  Agenda & Minutes       Documents