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Information Technology Services

Composting @ Granada

ITS has diverted 49 pounds of waste from landfill since January 2020.

The Green Team has buckets stationed throughout ITS offices on the 2nd floor of Granada Center, and collects them each Friday at 3pm. We total the weekly collection, then send it over to the Institute for Evironmental Sustainability to be composted with our industrial partner via the Compost Bucket Program.

What can I compost?Where can I bring it?
• All food (including meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, breads, etc.)

• Coffee grounds and filters, tea and tea bags (staples removed)

• Paper towels or napkins (bleached or natural)

• Non-waxed food service items such as plates and cups
• Small buckets in 220, 240, 250, and 260

• Large buckets in the 204 kitchenette

• Green-bagged bins in all 2nd floor restrooms
Did you know? Residential composting pickup can be expensive, even if you split the cost with others. If you work in Granada Center, the Green Team is happy to take care of it for you! Bring your compostable goods on Friday morning and either combine into one of the other locations, or leave your bucket with the other large ones in the 204 kitchenette; be sure to label it with your name and office number. We'll return the clean bucket to your desk, bagged and ready for your next batch. You save the planet, we save your wallet.
Last Modified:   Thu, May 21, 2020 5:49 PM CDT