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Information Technology Services

Green Team

Promoting more sustainable IT practices

The ITS Green Team, founded in 2012, works to promote green practices within the Information Technology Services division. We meet monthly to talk about sustainability issues in the workplace, brainstorm ways to increase awareness of environmental impact of IT as well as personal practices, and to discuss and launch initiatives designed to reduce that impact. The Green Team also collects and logs compostable waste weekly as part of the Compost Bucket Program run by the Institute of Environmental Sustainability.

We are always in search of new ways to go green and welcome ITS staff to join us at our monthly meetings. Email ITSGreenTeam@luc.edu to join the group or to submit ideas or feedback.


Next Meeting

The Green Team's next meeting will be in mid-February, exact date TBD.

Current Programs

Composting @ Granada
Our weekly pickup program, in partnership with IES since 2013.

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