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STATA is statistical application used primarily by researchers in the behavioral sciences, health sciences, and social sciences. LUC is licensed for STATA/IC - the most basic version of STATA - which is appropriate for mid-sized datasets. It allows analysis of datasets with up to 2,048 variables and 2 billion observations. Independent variables are limited to 798 in a model.

Version 16
Version Update 17 in September 2021
OS Windows and Mac
License Type 60 user educational lab license for teaching and learning
Lab Locations All LSC and WTC open access lags; HSC SSOM 350 and Call Lab 254
Student Availabilty Available to students in all open access labs on Windows computers
Faculty/Staff Desktop Availability LUC-owned faculty Windows and Mac computers at LSC, WTC, and HSC via request from ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu (8-4487).

 Options for off-campus use

Personal Computer Installation via the LUC License Not available
Remote Access - Apporto Available via the Apporto General Lab Desktop to students and faculty.
Remote Access - VPN Available to faculty who are remotely connecting to their LUC desktop.
Free student edition Not available
Free trial Not available
Student Subscription Available through Student Single-User Pricing ($48 for six months or $94 per year for IC)
Faculty Subscription Available through Stata Prof+ Plan ($125 per year for IC) (formerly the Campus Grad Plan)


Online documentation and tutorials for STATA are available by clicking on the Help button in the top menu bar of the application.  For additional help resources, visit the compilation of "official" STATA resources (video tutorials, free webinars, blog, technical support FAQs, etc.).

Support for STATA/IC