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Alternative text

A description given to an image that conveys the meaning and function of the image.

Background color

The color behind text on a webpage or document.

Caption file

The subtitle information for a video saved into one file. This includes start and end times for each line of text.


See closed-captioning.


Subtitles for the audio content within a video.

Font color

The color of the displayed text.


An element within text that helps indicate organization and hierarchy.

Lecture capture

Recording of a lecture that may include video, audio, presentation slides, and computer display.

Link text

Text that is hyperlinked.

Screen reader

A computer program that reads and interprets on-screen elements for visually and cognitively impaired users.

Speech-to-text generator

Software that automatically converts speech from an audio or video recording into readable text.

Table header

An element within a table that helps indicate organization and hierarchy. Table headers can be in the first row or column of a table.

Table summary

A description of a complex table that indicates the relationships between the table values.

Text editor

A program for editing stored documents, performing such functions as adding, deleting, or moving text.

Example: Microsoft Word


A text-based document that conveys audio and visual information from a multimedia presentation.

Video repository

A location where video files can be stored and accessed.

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