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Instructional Technology & Research Support (ITRS) is composed of full-time professionals, graduate assistants, and creative students. We invite you to get to know our team. To request assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk at ext. 8-4487 or ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu. For general questions or suggestions, send an email to ITRS@luc.edu. We look forward to working with you!

Oliver Batchelor, Learning Design Engineer | ext. 8-7661 | obatchelor@luc.edu

Oliver Batchelor

Oliver Batchelor is a Learning Design Engineer at Loyola University Chicago. He is responsible for assisting faculty, students, and staff with the design, development, and implementation of courses.  Oliver has an MA in Instructional Design and Adult Learning from University of Colorado and an MLIS from University of Pittsburgh. Prior to Loyola, Oliver acquired over a decade of experience in higher education as a research librarian.

Katherine Chavez Dominik, Senior Technology Coordinator | ext. 8-7329 | kchavez@luc.edu

Katherine Chavez Dominik

Katherine Chavez Dominik is a Senior Technology Coordinator at Loyola University Chicago. In this role she oversees the audio-visual needs for special events such as the President’s State of the University and live streaming of Commencement ceremonies. She also provides support and consultation for classrooms. Prior to Loyola, she worked with the­ater companies throughout Chicago engineering and producing sound for plays and musicals. Kathy has worked with talented artists such as Michael Ingersoll from the Jersey Boys Chicago, the Chicago Jazz Ensemble, the comedic ensemble Second City, and many others. Kathy has a Bachelor’s degree in audio arts and acoustics from Columbia College.

Virgil Conanan, Technology Coordinator | ext. 6-5992 | vconanan@luc.edu

Virgil Conanan

Virgilio Conanan is a Technology Coordinator at Loyola University Chicago, Health Sciences Campus. Since 2008, he has been assisting faculty, students, and staff in using audio-visual and recording equipment. He participates in troubleshooting, maintenance and equipment upgrade as well as research projects on next-generation educational tools. Virgil worked in broadcasting, cable, and satellite television distribution system, mostly in HBO as a systems engineer. Before coming to Loyola, he taught Electronics and Communications Engineering at De La Salle University, Manila. Virgil has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in electronics and communications engineering. His main hobby is inventing and patenting electro-mechanical devices.

Lauree Garvin, Senior Research Technologies Coordinator | ext. 8-7653 | lgarvin@luc.edu

Lauree Garvin

Lauree Garvin is a Senior Research Technologies Coordinator at Loyola University Chicago. She assists faculty, students, and staff in their use of research tools, including statistical programs (e.g., SPSS, Stata, HLM, Lisrel), online survey generation tools (e.g., Opinio, Snap Survey), and qualitative data analysis (e.g., NVivo) to conduct academic research and program evaluation. Prior to coming to Loyola, Lauree worked in a variety of capacities including researcher, data manager, program evaluator, and project manager for grant-supported projects at the Chapin Hall Center for Children, the Donors’ Forum of Chicago, and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Lauree has a bachelor’s degree in history and anthropology and a master’s degree in sociology.

Amy Hoyt, Manager of Technology & Innovation | ext. 6-5207 | ahoyt@luc.edu

Amy Hoyt

Amy Hoyt is the Manager of Technology and Innovation at Loyola University Chicago. She has been with Loyola since 2004 and is currently the liaison between education and IT on the Health Science Campus. In this role, she works with students, faculty and staff to facilitate use of technology in the curriculum. Prior to joining Loyola, Amy worked in both elementary and high school education and was a documentation writer for a company that developed 911 software. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Indiana University and a master’s degree in School Technology from Loyola University Chicago.

Sarah Kinne, Learning Design Engineer | ext. 8-2635 | skinne@luc.edu

Sarah Kinne

Sarah Kinne is a Learning Design Engineer at Loyola University Chicago. She supports faculty in the design of accessible, inclusive courses and advises faculty in the adoption and implementation of learning technologies. Prior to joining Loyola, Sarah served as an instructional designer and composition faculty at Joliet Junior College, and she has a background in publishing, grant administration, and instructional support. Sarah earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Medaille College, a master’s degree in English from the University of Massachusetts Boston, a graduate certificate in Learning Design & Technology from Harvard University, and is pursuing further credentials in digital accessibility and online program leadership from the University of Illinois.

Hannah Lee Otto, Learning Design Engineer | ext. 8-7606 | hlee11@luc.edu

Hannah Lee Otto

Hannah Lee Otto is a Learning Design Engineer for Loyola University Chicago (LUC), whose role includes the administration, instruction, and analysis of the learning management system and other teaching technology tools. Coming from DePaul University as an instructional technology consultant and instructor of first-year and business writing, Hannah applies her background in writing studies to help manage the LUC portfolio tool, documentation, and the Academic Tech Tools blog. Hannah is also pursuing a PhD in Technology and Humanities at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), and her research seeks to examine the relationship between how we form our values through shared history, media, and technology.

Weston Morris, Senior Technology Coordinator | ext. 5-6656 | wmorris4@luc.edu

Weston Morris

Weston Morris is a Senior Technology Coordinator at Loyola University Chicago. In this role he oversees and provides the audio-visual support and consultation to the classrooms and the special event needs for the Water Tower Campus. Prior to Loyola, Weston has 25+ years working in higher education in various capacities that utilize technology. Some of his past roles include facilities management, too being adjunct faculty teaching digital graphic design foundation courses too managing and maintaining computer labs and smart classrooms. Outside of higher education Weston is a practicing visual artist and musician whose work has been shown in many gallery exhibits in the Midwest and California and is part of numerous private collections. As a musician, he has performed bass and guitar in several Chicago-based bands over the past 20+ years, including Julia Set and the Mount Airy Ramblers. Fun fact: Weston is an avid collector of vintage vinyl records. He is a graduate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in art and technology.

Ryan Sabo, Technology Coordinator | ext. 6-5992 | rsabo@luc.edu

Ryan Sabo

Ryan Sabo is a Technology Coordinator for Loyola University Chicago. He has more than 10 years of experience supporting Loyola’s classrooms, both face to face and online. Ryan supports the audio-visual technology in learning spaces by maintaining the current equipment, as well as specifying and installing newer components and reprogramming Crestron control systems. He also has a background in desktop support where he has created and deployed computer images at the Health Science Campus. Ryan also supports the technological needs such as Livestreaming for high profile internal and external events, these events have included Match Day, the annual Cook County Food Summit, and medical conferences. Ryan has also supported human simulation technologies by maintaining the robotic mannequins, as well as writing and running scenarios at the Marcella Niehoff Virtual Hospital and simulation spaces in the Stritch School of Medicine. Ryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, as well as several certifications for computer repair, human simulation from METI and Laerdal, and Crestron programming.

Michael Paulin, Learning Design Engineer | ext. 6-3538 | mpauli1@luc.edu

Michael Paulin

Michael Paulin is a Learning Design Engineer for Loyola University Chicago. He has more than 10 years of experience supporting Loyola classrooms, both face to face and online. Michael has assisted faculty, staff, and student in learning and implementing new technologies for use in the classroom. He has also supported live streaming of many events for the Heath Science Campus. Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Augustana College.

John K. Schneider, Educational Technologist | ext. 6-6968 | jschneider9@luc.edu

John K. Schneider

John K. Schneider is an Educational Technologist for Loyola University Chicago. John has been with Loyola for 7 years providing Learning Technology and Media Support for the Health Sciences Campus faculty and staff.  Prior to Loyola, John provided Learning Management System support for McGraw-Hill Higher Education for multiple major universities across the country. He also works on seeking out new learning technologies to integrate with faculty curriculum and supports the Instructional Design Staff at the Health Science Campus. He enjoys listening to and collecting music, watching films, and does graphic art and design.

Chris Sinclair, Technology Coordinator | ext. 5-6650 | csinclair@luc.edu

Chris Sinclair

Chris Sinclair is a Technology Coordinator at Loyola University Chicago. He oversees classroom system functionality on both lakeside campuses, as well as installation of new instructional technologies. Prior to coming to Loyola, he served as a Technology Integration Specialist for the Kalamazoo Public Schools District in Michigan. He graduated from Kendall College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Media.

Tim Walker, Associate Director | ext. 8-2960 | twalker1@luc.edu

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is Associate Director of Instructional Technology & Research Support at Loyola University Chicago. He has over 20 years of experience in higher education supporting faculty with integrating technology into teaching and learning. Tim currently manages a centralized team of 10 full-time staff and about 20 student workers. This groups provides a wide array of technology and research services to the University community. Prior to joining Loyola, he served as the Director of Technology for the McCormick Tribune Center at National Louis University. Tim holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Marquette University, a master's degree in human services administration from National Louis University, and graduate certificates in distance education and leadership in online learning (IELOL) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Penn State University. Tim is a regular presenter at local and national conferences, with topics focusing on faculty and instructional system support, and IT management.

Chris Wange, Technology Coordinator | ext. 6-5992 | cwange@luc.edu

Chris Wange

Chris is a Technology Coordinator for Loyola University Chicago and has over 20 years of experience in the development, deployment, and support of AV/IT systems located on the Health Sciences Campus. He is responsible for the day to day support of technology in campus classrooms and meeting spaces as well as various other duties such as livestreaming, video recording and editing, and supporting special events. Chris holds a BS in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration from Western Illinois University along with certifications from Apple and Microsoft. He began with Loyola University Medical Center as a consultant in 1999 and transitioned to his current role with the University in 2009.

Stacey Zurek, Instructional Designer | ext. 6-8274 | szurek@luc.edu

Stacey Zurek

Dr. Stacey Zurek is an Instructional Designer at Loyola University Chicago. She brings nearly 20 years of instructional design experience to her role of collaborating with faculty to design and develop effective instruction and engaging learning environments for online and in-person instruction. Having taught at all levels including higher education, Stacey brings a relatable mindset to her work with faculty. Stacey also played and coached intercollegiate volleyball and basketball for which she has earned Hall of Fame honors at two universities. This unique background augments Stacey’s skills in communicating and functioning in a collaborative workspace. Stacey has a MS in Physical Education and Health as well as an MS in Instructional Design. She earned her doctorate from Purdue University in Learning Design and Technology. Stacey's research interests include learner self-efficacy, multimedia learning, motivation and transformative learning in the Ignatian tradition (Ignatian Pedagogy Paradigm). She is also focused on gamification in education and has developed an instructional design theory in support of developing and designing gamification to foster learner self-efficacy. In addition to her work as an instructional designer, Stacey serves as a spiritual director for campus ministry and is currently completing a Spiritual Direction Certificate through the Institute of Pastoral Studies.

Oliver Batchelor Learning Design Engineer ext. 8-7661
Katherine Chavez Dominik Senior Technology Coordinator ext. 8-7329
Virgil Conanan Technology Coordinator ext. 6-5992
Lauree Garvin Senior Research Technologies Coordinator ext. 8-7653
Amy Hoyt Manager of Technology & Innovation ext. 6-5207
Sarah Kinne Learning Design Engineer ext. 8-2635
Hannah Lee Otto Learning Design Engineer ext. 8-7606
Weston Morris Senior Technology Coordinator ext. 5-6656
Ryan Sabo Technology Coordinator ext. 6-5992
Michael Paulin Learning Design Engineer ext. 6-3538
John K. Schneider Educational Technologist ext. 6-6968
Chris Sinclair Technology Coordinator ext. 5-6650
Tim Walker Associate Director ext. 8-2960
Chris Wange Technology Coordinator ext. 6-5992
Stacey Zurek Instructional Designer ext. 6-8274

Classroom Assistants | ext. 8-4487, ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu

Gabe Hug, Johnny Khuu, Steven Nolasco, Eve Palmer, Bailey Rodriguez, Peter Saba, Maia Tilly

Research Assistant | ITRS@luc.edu

John Sienkiewicz

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